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Made of Tuscany is a specialized tourist incoming agency in Florence and throughout Tuscany with over 25years of experience. We are a team of tour guides in Florence and Tuscany and we can let the visitor explore the city in an exciting experience. Made of Tuscany has developed a top level service for individual visitors and leisure & business groups. Made of Tuscany is ready to take to exciting journeys around Florence and Tuscany. Our INFERNO TOUR on the clues of the protagonists of the Dan Brown's novel is the OFFICIAL INFERNO TOUR Our WINETOUR AT SUNSET is the only one in Florence Our staff consists of more 150 licensed tour guides in Florence and Tuscany. They are just brillant, amazing, well trained and experienced For those looking for luxury apartments in the heart of the city of Florence, we provide a number of top apartments!!

Florence Tours by Made of Tuscany提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

圣母百花大教堂, 佛罗伦萨圣若望洗礼堂, 乔托钟楼, 大教堂歌剧博物馆, Santa Reparata地穴, 佛罗伦萨圣若翰洗者洗礼堂, Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori), 西尼约里亚广场, 奥尔特拉诺, 韦奇奥桥(旧桥), 米开朗基罗《大卫》雕像, 佛罗伦萨主教座堂广场, 佣兵凉廊, 海神喷泉 (佛罗伦萨), 乔托钟楼, 皮蒂宫, 新圣母玛利亚教堂, 佛罗伦萨学院画廊, 圣克罗齐大教堂, 圣老楞佐大殿, 韦奇奥宫(佛罗伦萨市政厅), 波波里花园, 米开朗琪罗广场, Fortezza da Basso, 乌菲兹美术馆, 佛罗伦萨诸圣教堂, 佛罗伦萨圣弥额尔教堂, 威尼斯军械库, 圣米凯莱岛, 威尼斯泻湖, 圣匝加利亚教堂 (威尼斯), 伽利略博物馆, 巴尔杰洛国立博物馆, 美蒂奇礼拜堂, 银博物馆, 瓦萨利走廊, 圣米尼亚托大殿, 服饰博物馆, 瓷器博物馆

Florence Tours by Made of Tuscany在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

佛罗伦萨, 威尼斯

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