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How can we make visiting Prague an unforgettable experience? How can we show you the real spirit of the city? These were the questions we asked ourselves. Our goal is to step out of the crowd and instead of giving you a normal tourist tour, we want you to have the experience of a local. We try our best to show you everything you’re looking for: clubs, local restaurants, traditional food, important sights and all the places that make Prague unique. We started in March 2013 as a group of young excited tourguides and are looking forward to next seasons! We can offer you professional tourguides and who speak various languages (English, German, Portugese. Other languages on request). We do not try to satisfy our customers, we try to amaze them, giving you an excellent service you won’t be ashamed to recommend to friends and family. You will see that Prague is a city worth coming back to. Don’t hesitate to give us feedback on our Facebook profile or write a review on Tripadvisor.com. Sincerely, Michal Plíva founder

Explore Prague提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

查理大桥, 布拉格老城广场, 布拉格城堡, 维谢赫拉德城堡, 伏尔塔瓦河, 爱毛斯修道院, 布拉格圣詹姆士教堂, 查尔斯广场, 布拉格天文钟, 圣维塔大教堂, 约翰•列侬墙, 瓦茨拉夫广场, 帕特星山, 斯特拉霍夫修道院, 圣瓦兹拉夫雕像, 布拉格皇家花园, 布拉格圣尼古拉斯教堂, 康帕岛, 布拉格黄金巷, 布拉格城堡区, 聂鲁达街, 圣乔治圣殿 (布拉格), 聂鲁达街, 火药塔, 布拉格犹太人墓园, 市政厅, 布拉格老新犹太会堂

Explore Prague在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

布拉格, 库特纳霍拉

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