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Why choose Evan Evans Tours? With over 70 years of experience, we believe Evan Evans Tours offers you the best that Britain can offer. Our Coach operator was voted "The UK's best coach operator for 2003." The coaches used are top of the range and of course are comfortable and air-conditioned. Evan Evans Tours is the only sightseeing company to have been commended for our Discovering London tour by the London Tourist Board. Need to be picked up from your hotel? No problem. Evan Evans has a courtesy pick up service covering over 50 centrally located hotels. Once booked and confirmed just stand by the concierges desk, and we will do the rest. We understand that your vacation is important and time is of the essence. However, whilst some operators will try and entice you with an overloaded itinerary, at Evan Evans we strive to ensure that you spend enough time in each location to appreciate and remember the experience. SUSTAINABLE TOURISM At Evan Evans Tours we are committed to doing our part for the environment and hope you'll join us in supporting sustainable tourism. By establishing The Leading Travel Companies of the World Conservation Foundation, minimising the impact of our business on the environment and working with our guests to do even more, we hope to make a real difference and preserve the natural world for future generations.

Evan Evans Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

巨石阵, 伦敦维多利亚火车站, 白金汉宫, 大本钟, 威斯敏斯特教堂, 肯辛顿宫, 圣詹姆斯公园, 皇家阿尔伯特音乐厅, 特拉法加广场, 阿尔伯特纪念亭, 老肯辛顿, 卫兵换岗, 伦敦东区, 老贝利街, 舰队街, 泰晤士河, 伦敦塔, 圣保罗大教堂, 宝石塔, 伦敦塔, 基督教堂(伦敦), 华纳兄弟伦敦工作室, 伦敦博物馆, 温莎城堡, 格林威治, 格林威治皇家天文台, 利兹城堡, 卡蒂萨克号, 布莱尼姆宫, 甲壳虫乐队纪念馆, 利物浦街车站, 皮卡迪利广场, 唐宁街十号, 国会大厦, 牛津街, 西区, 国宴厅, 爱丁堡城堡, 荷里路德宫, 国王十字火车站, 苏格兰议会大楼, 爱丁堡旧城区, 王子街, 司各特纪念塔, 伦敦圣殿区域, 汉普顿宫, 圣詹姆士宮, The Approach Gallery, 华威城堡, 千禧桥, 莎士比亚环球剧场, 泰特现代美术馆, 博罗市场, 伦敦桥, 克林克监狱博物馆, 黄金后市, 温彻斯特宫, 萨瑟克座堂, 南华园, 伦敦塔桥, 南岸, 英格兰银行博物馆

Evan Evans Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

伦敦, 剑桥, 牛津城, 巴斯, 温莎市, 坎特伯雷, 利物浦, 爱丁堡, 华威

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