Eurama Sightseeing City Tours Budapest 47评论

The Eurama Travel Agency was founded in 2003 which nowadays has a wide range of partners. More than 300 travel agencies and hotels are selling our programs. The EUrama is the market leading Travel Agency in organizing full and half day quality tours in Hungary. The office has several well know improvements in its field such as introducing the Hop on Hop off sightseeing tour and later the Hop on Hop off Boat Tour. EUrama was also among the first companies who realized the importance of establishing tourist information points at the major attractions for the better service of the guests. EUrama Tours: City Tour Grand City Tour Sightseeing Cruise on the Danube Szentendre & Visegrád Tour Discover Szentendre Royal Tour (Sissi) Puszta Tour Folklore Evening Tour Danube Bend Tour Lake Balaton Tour

Eurama Sightseeing City Tours Budapest提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

布达城堡, 链桥, 匈牙利国会大厦, 渔人堡, 安德拉什大道, 马提亚斯教堂, 布达佩斯英雄广场, 盖勒特山丘, 伊丽莎白桥, 玛格丽特桥, 塞切尼温泉浴场, 匈牙利国家歌剧院, 圣斯蒂芬大教堂, 多瑙河, 中央大市场, 多瑙河畔长廊, 玛格丽特岛, 茲塔德拉, 塞切尼温泉, 城堡山(Varhegy), 布达佩斯博斯克罗酒店, 匈牙利科学院, 八角广场站, 瓦茨街, 李斯特广场, 盖勒特浴场, 格德勒, 多瑙河湾, Szamos杏仁糖博物馆

Eurama Sightseeing City Tours Budapest在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

布达佩斯, 格德勒, 维谢格拉德, 圣安德烈镇

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