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El Sahel Travel established in Egypt at Luxor City by Mr. Ahmed Abd Elmonim since 2010 carrying license No. 1945. We used to handle all tours and land arrangements . Our professional team is keen to offer the best services with convenient prices through our qualified staff and connection through out Egypt, extending from the Mediterranean coast so far as Aswan and Abu Simbel in the south and from the Western Desert across to the Red Sea coast in the East enabling us to cover all Egypt. Consequently; we are able to advise and help our clients to select the most appropriate itinerary taking their own particular interests into consideration. El Sahel Travel License No;(1945) granted to a Tourism Company to authorize the practice of all tourism all over Egypt

Elsahel Travel提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

阿布辛贝神庙, 埃及古迹博物馆, 凯尔奈克神庙, 吉萨金字塔, 加奈加里里, 人头狮身像, 吉夫顿岛, 卢克索神庙, 孟菲斯, 塞加拉, 卡夫拉金字塔, 开罗老城区, 圣色尔爵巴克斯教堂, 乌纳斯金字塔, 狮身人面雪花石膏像, 悬空教堂, 帝王谷, 穆罕默德•阿里清真寺, 圣谢尔盖和巴克斯教堂, 纳布克保护区, 法老岛, 本·依兹拉犹太会堂, 左塞尔金字塔, 穆罕默德·阿里·帕夏清真寺, 开罗城堡, 圣凯瑟琳修道院, 西奈山, 红海海滨, 解放广场, 法老村, 萨法加港

Elsahel Travel在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

卢克索, 开罗, 阿莱姆港, 赫尔格达, 亚历山大, 阿斯旺, 沙姆沙伊赫, 吉萨, 艾高娜

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