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We are a local walking company and ecotourism travel agency that organises guided and self-guided activities and holidays combined with wine, beer and honey tastings, traditional meals, dramatised walks, photography walks, night and astronomic hikes, naturalistic walks, mushroom based activities, electric bike tours,... in the amazing unknown Catalonia. We are also experts in wine, cultural and gastronomy tours by private transfer, car, minivan or bus in Catalonia, for example, in the stunning Priorat wine region, with wines known worldwide but with hidden spots of great beauty quite unexplored. We are a fully engaged business in the transmission of traditional knowledge and the economic development of our territory. Organised transfers from Barcelona and other cities are easy to book also with us!

El Brogit - Ecotourism in Catalonia提供以下景点的旅游和活动:


El Brogit - Ecotourism in Catalonia在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

法尔塞特, 塔拉戈纳, 马尔卡

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