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Barcelona E-bike Rent SL has been shaking up the concept of visiting Barcelona, connecting renewable energies with sustainable tourism, aiming environmentally friendly mobility as its core business, and thus becoming the first to offer a full range of enjoyable electric bikes for rent in the city. Nowadays Barcelona E-bike Rent SL is still offering an ample choice of various bicycles and electric bikes and has successfully increased its services proposing enjoyable and exclusive private tours to let its customers get the most out of their stay in Barcelona.


植物园(巴塞罗那), 海洋圣母大教堂, 加泰罗尼亚国家艺术博物馆 - MNAC, 巴塞罗那老城区, 蒙锥克公园, 贝尔港, 兰布拉大道, 海洋圣母圣殿, 波恩区, 巴塞罗那港口, 圣家族大教堂, 巴特罗公寓, 巴塞罗那哥特区, 格拉西亚大道, 米拉之家(拉佩德雷拉), 城堡公园, 巴塞罗那凯旋门, L'Eix​​ample区, 埃克萨潘, 巴塞罗内塔, 古埃尔公园, 皇家广场, 魔术喷泉, 西班牙广场, 国王广场, 松树圣母圣殿, 加泰罗尼亚大道, 圣若梅广场, 诺坎普球场, 巴塞罗那大学



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