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Dublin Bus Sightseeing Tours has been providing tours of Dublin for nearly 25 years. Our Failte Ireland trained guides are masters at showing your our city as only a local can. Whether you require a quick overview of the City, you wish to spend 2 days hopping on and off and experiencing all of the attractions in Dublin, you wish to travel outside the city and visit the coast or you are looking for a night time tour we can cater for your needs. For fun, history, entertainment and an all round great visit to Dublin contact www.dublinsightseeing.ie to enhance your visit

Dublin Bus Tours - Dublin Sightseeing提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

都柏林古堡, 都柏林动物园, 基督大教堂, 爱尔兰国家画廊, 圣殿酒吧, 圣巴特利大教堂, 圣史蒂芬格林, 都柏林作家博物馆, Dublinia 历史展览馆和维京世界, 霍斯, 圣三一学院, 四法院, 奥康奈尔街, 史密斯菲尔德广场, 都柏林市政厅, 拿骚街, 利菲河, 3Arena, 梅瑞恩广场, 海关大楼 (都柏林), 健力士黑啤展览馆, 凤凰公园, 克瞒汉姆监狱博物馆, 饥荒纪念馆, 格拉夫顿街, 大运河广场, 都柏林港区, 格兰达洛, 邓莱里

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