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The Original Dolphin Safari was established in 1969 here in Gibraltar and has been holding the highest success rate for finding dolphins ever since. Sail in first class comfort with the knowledge that you have the most experienced crew taking you out to see the wild dolphins of Gibraltar. We offer a 98% guarantee to see dolphins, higher than any other tour operator. Our boat has comfortable cushioned seating and space for everyone to move around and see the dolphins closer than ever before, often with eye to eye contact. We only take a maximum of 25 on our boat to ensure that you are not crammed in and have a spacious experience. At Dolphin Safari your comfort come before profit margins, we are offering an experience for you to enter the dolphins environment and see them at their best, wild and free. Sail with the best.

Dolphin Safari Gibraltar在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

直布罗陀, 贝纳马德纳, 托雷莫利诺斯

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