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DiscoverCracow is a specialist of local tours, experiences and attraction tickets. We have been operating on the Polish market for several years delivering comfortable and safe travel services. We combine international standards with local knowledge and experience to create unique travel experience for our guests. In the space of a few years, our hard work and commitment have allowed us to become a major local tour operator in Poland and attract a significant number of loyal clients. Why indeed! Let us give you the reasons exactly - why DiscoverCracow Tours & Activities Thanks to our passion for traveling we are constantly looking for new, unique places and never stop creating unconventional and fascinating tours. Team Our team of travel insiders is obsessed with finding the best things to do everywhere we travel. Young and ambitious team, which have extensive experience in providing services to tourists. Each of us can suggest to you the most convenient solution or create a sightseeing programme that suits your needs and interests. Verified All services are provided to the highest standard and carried out in accordance with international norms. We hold a number of quality certificates attesting our professionalism and reliability; we are member of the Polish Tourism Organization and Cracow Chamber of Tourism. VIP With DiscoverCracow you can get the royal treatment including behind-the-scenes access, private viewings, VIP tours - with no lines and no crowds! Not everyone can get you behind those velvet ropes, but we can. 24/7 Support Call or email our contact center anytime, we're always here. You can contact us 7 days a week or visit one of our tourist information points. Here you always find people who help you. Guarance of price Getting a great deal makes a fantastic trip even better. So naturally, we offer great deals. We will provide you with information on the full price of the service of your choice (without any hidden costs) and terms and conditions of participation. Traveling with us is more than just purchasing a trip - it means joining a family of people who are passionate about traveling. Your satisfaction is important for us - we know that you will appreciate it. Choose - choose a local expert.

Discover Cracow提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

奥斯威辛-比克瑙纪念碑和博物馆, 维利奇卡盐矿, 瓦韦尔山, 瓦维尔皇家城堡, 瓦维尔大教堂, 中央市场广场, 圣母圣殿, 克拉科夫布厅, 老犹太教堂, 卡齐米日, 犹太人区, 克拉科夫老城, 亚捷隆大学, Remuh犹太教堂, 奥斯卡·辛德勒的工厂, 塔特拉山, 国家博物馆,克拉科夫, Erazm Ciołek 主教宫殿, Szołaysky楼, 克拉科夫市政厅钟楼, 纺织会馆的19世纪波兰艺术画廊, Józef Mehoffer 故居, 圣马克教堂, 波兰航空博物馆, 恰尔托雷斯基博物馆, Tyniec-波兰的本笃会修道院, 克拉科夫当代艺术美术馆, 民族博物馆(克拉科夫), 圣亚德伯堂, 普朗蒂公园, 救主慈悲圣殿, 奥伊楚夫国家公园, 岩石上的教堂, 圣殿会堂, 圣安妮教堂

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克拉科夫, 扎科帕内

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