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Cracow City Tours is a young, energetic tour company from Cracow. We agree with those who had already visited Cracow: experiencing Polish culture and history within the city walls is by no means troublesome anymore. However visiting important destinations outside Cracow can still be difficult to arrange in terms of misleading transportation information or language barrier. Our aim is to make your stay in Cracow as satisfactory as possible by providing easy to book and low budget yet comprehensive tours to following sites: AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU MEMORIAL AND MUSEUM; WIELICZKA SALT MINE MUSEUM; CRACOW OLD TOWN; CRACOW JEWISH DISTRICT; OSCAR SCHINDLER'S FACTORY; CRACOW MOUNDS; NOWA HUTA - COMMUNISM DISTRICT; ZAKOPANE AND THE TATRA MOUNTAINS; WOODEN ARCHITECTURE TRAIL; OJCOW NATIONAL PARK; THE DUNAJEC RIVER RAFTING; CZESTOCHOWA AND THE BLACK MADONNA; JOHN PAUL II ROUTE; TYNIEC ABBEY; TYSKIE BREWERY and many more! If you are looking for an exceptional way to visit Cracow and the nearby highlights, explore our broad trip offer and choose the ones that suit you. We are known for our professional attitude and excellent value for low prices. Use the opportunity to combine the tours according to your needs and create an individual combo tour which allows you to visit many spots on one day. Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Cracow Old Town Sightseeing and Nowa Huta; the possibilities are endless! Most of our tours leave from Matejki Square which is right in the city centre. No hotel pick-up unless you book a private tour, as we don't intend to torture you going around the town and collecting people from other hotels. If you don't feel like walking and want to be driven to all the real highlights, you can buy a regular Tour Bus Sightseeing ticket! And if you're hungry for something more unconventional, check out the Crazy Guides or visit Cracow by night. Then cool your emotions and enjoy classical music or polish folk dances in the beautiful scenery of ancient churches and gardens. Come to our offices on 44 Florianska Street or Matejki Square no 2 and choose what is the best for you. No need to worry about cash, we accept credit cards. Groups can expect individual treatment. Use only professional companies with the best, licenced tour guides and reasonable prices. Don't waste your time. Make the most of your holiday with Cracow City Tours!

Cracow City Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

维利奇卡盐矿, 奥斯威辛-比克瑙纪念碑和博物馆, 塔特拉山, 比斯嘉蒂 山, 杜纳耶茨河, 救主慈悲圣殿, 奥伊楚夫国家公园

Cracow City Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

克拉科夫, 扎科帕内

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