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City Tours India; a branch of SOULFIT JOURNEY ( is designed to bring like minded people together from different part of the world so that at the end of the trip they end up adding one more buddy in their friend list. The sights are thoroughly selected and compiled to make every trip unique and different from other. Come , smell, feel, see, taste and live the rich culture of north India in few hours with City Tours India. The trips are designed to make it affordable to each and every one without compromising the enjoyment and safety standers. We deliver what we publish; No Hidden cost. We understand our responsibility towards the environment and use all the means to reduce personal Carbon Offset. Save Money, Save Planet, Use Public transport. Go Green.

City Tours India提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

德里红堡, 旧德里, 甘地陵园, 新德里甘地纪念馆, 新德里国家博物馆, 国家甘地博物馆, 工艺品博物馆, 泰姬陵, 阿克萨达姆神庙, 奎师那神庙, 莲花寺, 洛迪花园, 顾特卜塔, 胡马雍陵, 月光集市, 贾玛清真寺, 印度门, 印度总统府, 康诺特广场, Khajuraho

City Tours India在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

班加罗尔, 新德里, 阿格拉, 斋蒲尔, 孟买, 博帕尔, 普纳, 乌代布尔

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