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Our goal is to create a unique, fun and memorable experiences for all visitors to New York City. So we use our local knowledge and experience to help you do and see more in less time with our guided tours. We love sharing our inside tips and we want the benefit to extend long past the time you spend with us. Book today and prepare for a great tour and don't forget to take advantage of the time with your guide and get ready for a great visit to NYC. We look forward to seeing you.

City Tales Sightseeing & Private Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

自由女神像, 纽约港, 炮台公园, 埃利斯岛, 艾利斯岛移民博物馆, 纽约天空之旅, Madina Masjid, 纽约大学, 纽约水族馆, 圣保罗小教堂, 911 纪念碑, 纽约华尔街, 下曼哈顿区, 三一教堂, 联邦国家纪念堂, 祖科蒂公园, The Ride NYC, 华尔街铜牛, 纽约证券交易所, One World 天文台, 纽约棉花交易所, 英雄峡谷, The Pool NYC, 纽约公交博物馆

City Tales Sightseeing & Private Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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