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CITY SEGWAY TOURS is happy to welcome you to Washington DC and to everything the nation’s capital has to offer. Imagine cruising effortlessly through the beautiful parks and around historic buildings while receiving a great orientation, informative historical and current-day information, heaps of unique and fascinating stories, fantastic photo ops and superb personal service from your guide. The Segway is the first of its kind-a self-balancing, personal transportation device that’s designed to operate in any pedestrian environment. It’s new, it’s cool and a ton of fun! City Segway Tours uses the new i2 machines! Our 3 hour tours are limited in size so you can count on a great, intimate experience with a licensed DC tour guide. Discover what it’s like to be a Washington DC celebrity as everyone, and we mean everyone, turns to watch us glide by! City Segway Tours is proud to be the first guided tour using Segways in the world. Be sure you glide with the original!

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美国国会大厦, 美国国家档案馆, 白宫, 华盛顿纪念碑, 林肯纪念堂, 国家广场, 史密森尼学会大厦, 约翰·埃德加·胡佛大楼, 史密森尼美国美术馆, 杰斐逊纪念堂, 朝鲜战争老兵纪念碑, 马丁·路德·金纪念堂

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