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Uncle Sam’s New York offers daily New York City walking tours, pub crawls, and night club tours that immerses travelers in the history, culture, and glamour that make New York City the world’s greatest city. On our tours, New York City’s best tour guides will provide you a social experience allowing you to interact with the guide, the new people on the tour and the environs around you. We at Uncle Sam’s New York, we believe that a tour should become a bonding experience for friends, families, and strangers alike ‐ thrown together in an intimate look at the city. Whether you are traveling alone or with a large group, our tours offer you a chance to meet new people from across the world and go home with a story.

City Connections提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

自由女神像, 纽约华尔街, 三一教堂, 炮台公园, 埃利斯岛, 哈得逊河公园, 联邦国家纪念堂, 艾利斯岛移民博物馆, 法兰西斯客栈博物馆, 纽约证券交易所, 克林顿城堡国家纪念碑, 英雄峡谷, 格林威治村, 华盛顿广场公园, 石墙旅馆, 纽约大学, Cafe Wha?, 百老汇, 纽约新阿姆斯特丹剧院, 冬季花园剧院(纽约), 时代广场, 第42街, 911 纪念碑, 圣保罗小教堂, 切尔西,曼哈顿, 高线公园, 肉库区, 切尔西市场

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