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China Travel Depot is a professional Destination Service Provider specializing in China Travel. is a wholly owned business of China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd.(CYTS)- Top tour operator in China since 1980. WHAT We Provide for You: To ensure unforgettable China travel experiences for our customers, were dedicated to offer: Full range of China destination travel services and China destination information in detail WHAT Makes us Different: We has our own unique value and strengths, making it stand out among competitors: - Place: Locally operated in Beijing, the Capital of China - Prices: Guaranteed with great discounts and real-time price offers - Product: Extensive travel sites with a customization option. - Promotion: Great Deals ensured for China travel, as a local tour operator - Service: Outstanding with 4P (Professional, Private, Personalized and Prompt) standard WE SHARE, BECAUSE WE CARE. Welcome to China! (ChinaTravelDepot.com欢迎您!)


豫园, 上海法租界, 新天地, 中国长城, 玉佛寺, 上海博物馆, 故宫, 八达岭长城, 天安门, 天坛, 漓江, 弥敦道, 湾仔, 颐和园, 十三陵, 慕田峪长城, 北海公园, 北京国家体育场, 上海中心大厦, 东方明珠塔, 兵马俑, 东华三院文武庙, 太平山, 浅水湾, 香港仔渔村


上海, 香港, 澳门, 北京, 广州, 桂林, 三亚, 拉萨, 西安, 苏州, 杭州, 黄山, 青岛, 张家界, 昆明, 重庆, 济南, 泰安市, 曲阜市

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