Cheese and Wine Private Tours

We are an hospitality company, focused on always exceeding our clients best expectations. We have premium accomodation, private airport transfers and private and taylor made tours. Our tours are completely tailored to your interests and expectations and can be adapted along the way. We avoid ‘clock-run’ visits so that you can relax, take the air, the sounds and all the sights. You can also tell us in advance about specific places or cities you would like to visit and things to do, even if they are in other regions. Our mission is to provide you a memorable experience. We are not the typical sightseeing tour company. All our Guides have University degrees, are passionate about traveling and experts on Lisbon region and other parts of Potugal.

Cheese and Wine Private Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

罗卡角, 佩纳宫, 雷加莱拉宫, 辛特拉宫, 蒙塞拉特宫, Fátima, 四月二十五日大桥, 塔霍河, 埃武拉罗马神庙, 华士古达伽马大桥, 埃尔瓦什区, Guincho Beach 海滩

Cheese and Wine Private Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

里斯本, 辛特拉, 卡斯凯斯, 埃斯托利尔, 奥比多斯, 阿尔科巴萨, 纳扎雷, 埃武拉

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