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Centurion Tours is a tour operator that settles in Rome, and we offer guided tours to travelers from all the world, and of different nationality and religion since 2012. We can provide to our customers a lot of itineraries in Rome, giving you the opportunity to visit the spectacular ancient Roman ruins, the masterpieces of the Renaissance, the delightful Baroque fountains. This is possible thanks to prepared guides, trained and experienced, that know every little piece of the history of the Eternal City. Our staff is at your disposal for each question and will accompany you in every step during your visit. We will offer you the highest quality at a price among the lowest in the industry.

Centurion Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

梵蒂冈城, 西斯廷教堂, 圣彼得大教堂, 梵蒂冈博物馆, 拉斐尔房间, 哀悼基督雕像, 先贤祠, 纳沃纳广场, 圣天使城堡, 胜利之后圣母堂, 波波洛圣玛利亚教堂, 波波罗广场, 弥涅耳瓦广场, 圣德兰的迷狂雕像, 特雷维喷泉, 台伯河, 罗马鲜花广场, 帕斯魁诺广场, 西班牙大台阶, 四河喷泉, 山上天主圣三教堂, 西班牙广场, 庞贝古城, 维苏威火山, 鸡蛋城堡, 蛋堡, 圣王路易堂, Santa Maria in Via, 朱利亚大道, 韦奇奥桥(旧桥), 西尼约里亚广场, 梵蒂冈花园

Centurion Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

罗马, 那不勒斯, 佛罗伦萨

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