Caravel on Wheels

Driven by a true love of our city we wanted to offer a different tour that would appeal to those who love wandering by themselves the streets of a new city, but that also want to know more about it. Inspired by Lisbon’s history we developed a new concept: a sightseeing tour, on an opened bus, that look like a caravel, where you have a tablet in front of you, that triggers videos of Lisbon and does the most unique route. Yes! An Historical Video tour… You will know about Lisbon’s roman heritage, the great earthquake, the history and inside videos of many churches and museums, our traditions such as football, fado music and, of course, food… and much more. Over 70 points of interests and over 1h of videos. It was truly inspiring to do this! Moreover we wanted to have an unique circuit – the only regular tour that takes you both to the Alfama-Mouraria, Chiado and Belém and to be easy to book, so we depart every 2 hours, from a very central location – Rua do Comércio. Having just started in Summer 2016, we have been having amazing feedback from both adults and children and we really hope you select our tour on the next visit to Lisbon!

Caravel on Wheels提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

阿尔法玛, Mourari区, 上城区, 贝伦

Caravel on Wheels在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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