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Why choose Capital Taxi Tours. The perfect day out Our service is designed to suit you, rather than just being. “One size fits all.” Our tours can start when you want and be the length of time you want. History, Art, Religion, Architecture, or novelty, all are included, and the emphasis of any tour is dictated by you. We at Capital Taxi Tours believe that it is the little extra things that we do for our clients that make the difference between a GOOD day out and a PERFECT day out. This is why we always do that little bit more for you, to ensure the day is an extra special one to cherish and remember forever. We make everybody feel special. The Iconic London Taxi Your safety and comfort is without question paramount to us which is why are taxis are the best. London’s Iconic taxis go through stringent testing on a regular basis and are only licensed when this strict requirement is adhered to. Our taxis are all new, modern and are the classic style taxi that can seat 5 or the new style Mercedes taxi that can seat 6. Our taxis are air-conditioned and top of the range. We also have a selection of older vintage style taxis for those nostalgic journeys. Because your Driver Guide is a professional Licensed Taxi Driver he/she knows London better than anyone else and can drive you around the city with ease avoiding the traffic which the coaches and buses have to face, so your tours are trouble free. Just the perfect vehicle for sightseeing in London. New & Unique Tours Capital Taxi Tours are leaders in the market place of new and unique tours. “We lead and the others follow” As you would expect we offer tours to all major sites and also to the more unusual destinations as well. We promise to add that little sparkle and touch of Magic to your day. All our tours are definitely family friendly, so you know the children are going to enjoy the day as much as you. High quality registered guides Our Driver Guides will not only bring the history to life in front of you, but will entertain and amuse you throughout your tour. All our guides are chosen for their wit, charm and personality, amongst our driver/ guides we have Degree graduates, historians, musicians and general professionals. All our guides are either Blue Badge, City of London, or City of Westminster registered professional guides. We of course have our own unique Cockney Cabbie selection of driver /guides as well with their own brand of humour.

Capital Taxi Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

福尔摩斯博物馆, 伦敦博物馆, 贝克街(伦敦), 艾比路, 莎士比亚环球剧场, 邦德街, 白金汉宫, 泰晤士河, 伦敦塔, 大本钟, 威斯敏斯特教堂, 伦敦眼, 伦敦塔桥, 肯辛顿宫, 圣保罗大教堂, 特拉法加广场, 皮卡迪利广场, 唐宁街十号, 国会大厦, 苏豪区, 格林威治皇家天文台, 伦敦中世纪盛宴, 哈洛德百货公司, 老肯辛顿, 卫兵换岗, 伦敦塔, 玫瑰剧院, 国王十字火车站, 伦敦圣殿区域, 考文特花园, 圣詹姆士宮, 威斯敏斯特主教座堂, 锡盘巷(伦敦), 道恩楼, 龜有車站

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