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Bucintoro Viaggi, established in 1976, is a full service travel agency owned by Alilaguna Lines, the only private company to provide public transportation between “Marco Polo” airport, the cruise terminal and Venice city centre. Its main office is located in Campo San Luca, the very heart of Venice, between Rialto and Saint Mark’s Square. Whereas its outgoing department provides package tours sale, as well as rail, air and ferry tickets, its incoming department, grown steadily since 1980 organizes and coordinates a wide range of services for both individuals and groups: transfer services, hotel accommodation, regular and private sightseeing in Venice and along the lagoon, weddings, special opening for events and cultural tours, gala dinners in the most prestigious and charming Venetian palaces and much more. Thanks to our group partner Venezia Turismo, Bucintoro is able to offer a full option of transfers, for groups and individuals, shared and private, by small water launches or by GT boats, de-luxe or standard service and from all main hubs and in coordination with our operations offices which are located in strategic positions, such as Marco Polo airport, cruise terminal, Santa Lucia rail station, Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto bus terminal. Bucintoro coordinates all activities through highly qualified personnel providing an outstanding service and the most suitable solution to clients needs with the most scrupulous attention to the smallest of the details. Our office also plays an active role with the organization of sport and cultural event thanks to the sponsorship agreements in these projects of its holding company Alilaguna,.

Bucintoro Viaggi提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

京杭大运河, 圣马可广场, 道奇宫, 修道士的圣玛丽教堂, 科雷尔博物馆, 奇迹圣母堂, 威尼斯圣巴斯弟盎教堂, 威尼斯国家考古博物馆, 威尼斯圣约伯教堂, 威尼斯犹太人区, 威尼斯救主堂, 威尼斯自然史博物馆, 圣欧达奇教堂, 圣保罗, 佩萨罗宫, 雷佐尼科宫, 圣斯德望广场, 里奥多圣雅各伯教堂, 穆拉诺岛, 布拉诺, 凤凰歌剧院, 里阿尔托桥, 丽都岛, 威尼斯泻湖, 罗马广场汽车站, 蜗牛府, 安康圣母圣殿, 梅斯特雷, 圣马可大教堂, 叹息桥, Pala d'Oro, Mercerie, 威尼斯钟楼, 圣马可钟楼, Santa Maria Formosa, 圣拉扎罗亚美尼亚天主教修道院, 圣匝加利亚教堂 (威尼斯), 朱代卡岛

Bucintoro Viaggi在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

威尼斯, 布拉诺岛, 穆拉诺岛

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