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Brewer's Berlin Tours is named after Terry Brewer... man, myth and legend. Terry first came to Berlin in 1954 and found a city in ruins. Returning in 1966, working for the diplomatic services, he lived on the front line of the cold war. His curiosity for East Berlin became so renowned that he started guiding Allied personel around the divided city. After wandering the globe, Terry returned in 1988. One year later, he sat in an East Berlin pub as the Wall started to crumble and the excitement of change swept through the city. Today, Brewer's Berlin Tours has grown into a family of friends who are passionate about their city, it's complex history and who love showing visitors why Berlin is so unique. We are not a global brand. We are local experts. We pride ouselves on leading tours of intimate-sized groups, free from scripts and pre-determined routes. Every Brewer's experience will be one to remember.

Brewer's Berlin Walking Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

德国国会大厦, 柏林墙, 泪宫, 大屠杀纪念馆, 御林广场, 勃兰登堡门, 柏林大教堂, 查理检查哨, 希特勒地堡, 菩提树下大街, 弗里德里希大街, 倍倍尔广场, 柏林THE GATE, 音乐厅, 东区画廊, 柏林墙公园, 克罗伊茨贝格

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