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BIKES AND HIKES L.A. is based in West Hollywood, California and is the first full-service bike/hike tour company promoting an eco-friendly, healthy way to enjoy all the glory Los Angeles has to offer. For the Body, Mind, and Planet. Experience LA, don’t just drive past it. Exploring Los Angeles with Bikes And Hikes LA is the ultimate green sightseeing experience. Pedal power gets your body in motion and reduces your carbon footprint. Our tours are designed for everyone, from the avid cyclist/hiker to the occasional biker/hiker. Our expert local guides will give you a unique insider’s tour through diverse landscapes and culturally distinct neighborhoods, stopping at local hidden gems for an authentic and unique experience of Los Angeles. We combine our passion for the outdoors and fitness with our knowledge and experience of hiking and biking. We offer a menu of “Up Close and Personal” sight seeing tours as well as creating your own customized Adventure. Don’t get stuck in traffic – take in the natural beauty all while getting a great work-out.. All our routes have been carefully researched to ensure you experience the very best way to explore the city. All biking trips include use of a multi-speed, fully suspended and equipped hybrid road bike and safety equipment. We love motivating the recreational cyclist/hiker and we look forward to welcoming you on an adventure off the beaten path.

Bikes And Hikes LA提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

希腊剧院, 格里斐斯公园, 好莱坞山, 好莱坞地标, 格里菲斯天文台, 比佛利山, 罗迪欧大道, 灰石城堡, 圣莫尼卡湾, 威尼斯街区, 威尼斯海滨大道, Sunset Strip, 威尼斯海滩, 威尼斯运河行人道, 圣莫尼卡, 玛丽安德尔湾, 派拉蒙電影, 好莱坞大道, 中国戏院, 派拉蒙电影公司(洛杉矶), 好莱坞永恒公墓, Capitol唱片公司大楼

Bikes And Hikes LA在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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