Bike & Saddle Eco-Active Holidays 20评论

Bike & Saddle is Africa’s leading eco-active travel company that runs tailor-made, fully supported & one-of-a-kind, cycle, walking & hiking and kayaking trips across Southern Africa, Africa and the Indian Ocean. From a 2-hour heritage & culture evening cycle of Africa's cities, to an incomparable Cycle Safari Holiday through the region’s premier nature & game reserves, we provide exclusive, luxury, hand-crafted active-holidays that blend the best in hospitality with iconic bio diversity, scenic splendors, rich culture and invigorating activity.

Bike & Saddle Eco-Active Holidays提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

桌山, 维多利亚阿尔弗雷德海滨, 狮头山, 博开普博物馆, 长廊, 长街(开普敦), 科斯湾, 银矿自然保护区, 开普敦体育场, 信号山 (开普敦), 十二使徒岩, 好望角, 企鹅滩, 豪特湾, 开普点, 锡德伯格, 罗德纪念馆

Bike & Saddle Eco-Active Holidays在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

开普敦, 斯泰伦博斯, 弗朗斯胡克, 斯韦伦丹, 克尼斯纳

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