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The Original Berlin Walks was founded in 1993 to provide well-researched historical tours in English for visitors to Berlin. Since then we have established ourselves as the leading tour agency specialising in the English-speaking market. We're proud to say that our walks are among the most highly-regarded and popular sightseeing tours in Europe for independent travellers. Our tours aim to entertain and inform. You'll find nothing beats a walking tour for really experiencing all a place has to offer. Praise for our tours has come from all quarters: for example, Time Magazine credited us with a 'Best Sightseeing' reference in 2002, and other publications regularly list our tours in their guides (Frommers, Rick Steves, Let's Go, Lonely Planet, etc).

Berlin Walks提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

德国国会大厦, 柏林墙, 勃兰登堡门, 柏林大教堂, 查理检查哨, 希特勒地堡, 柏林故事博物馆, 倍倍尔广场, 柏林THE GATE, 恐怖地形图, 蒂尔加滕, 政府区, 圣母教堂 (柏林), 萨克森豪森集中营, 军械库, 米特区, 无忧宫, 城市宫殿,波茨坦, 西林霍夫宫, 斯塔西博物馆, 波茨坦广场, 伦茨劳贝格区, 柏林墙纪念馆, 大屠杀纪念馆, 克罗伊茨贝格, 同性恋博物馆, 舍恩贝格区, 克罗伊茨贝格博物馆

Berlin Walks在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

柏林, 波茨坦

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