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Asian Trails is one of the leading leisure travel companies in Asia with a network of offices across 8 countries from Bangkok to Beijing. The company takes guests to the Real Asia so they taste, touch and experience the beating heart of every destination they visit. Its portfolio of products includes tailor-made leisure arrangements, airport transfers, hotel, tours and transfer bookings and a range of tour packages that includes cultural, historical, social and adventure-based programs. Never resting on our laurels, Its reputation to deliver exceed-all-expectations’ delivery of high-quality service standards for even the most discerned traveller continues to receive praise. Asian Trails continue to innovate and provide an ever-changing range of leisure travel products. We are looking forward to taking you on the ultimate adventure across Asia.

Asian Trails Ltd提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

曼谷大皇宫, 郑王庙, 湄南河, 玛哈泰思佛寺, 大城, 忙花市, Klongs运河, 卧佛寺, 大金佛,曼谷, 岱密寺, 泰国玉佛寺, 曼谷文化艺术中心, 吉姆汤普森之家, 曼谷唐人街, 王妃纪念公园, 素坤逸区, 苏安·帕凯德宫, 金山寺, 旧国会大厦, 維曼默宮, 披披岛, 曼谷国家博物馆, 皇帝岛, 巴杜尔活火山, 关西瀑布, 天安门, 故宫, 颐和园, 天坛, 北京胡同

Asian Trails Ltd在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

万象, 普吉岛, 登巴萨, 曼谷, 曼北榄府, 大城府, 芭堤雅, 阁尧艾岛, 甲米, 乌布, 日惹市, 戈尔韦, 马塔兰, 雅加达, 琅勃拉邦, 北京, 成都

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