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They say that the REAL Paris, the one you won't read about in guidebooks is an adventure all on it's own. It comes from wandering the streets, eating in less known cafés, observing the locals and looking through windows and doors (in the most inconspicuous manner possible). By booking a tour with April in Paris Tours, you are guaranteed to gain an insiders knowledge of the history, see magnificent examples of art and architecture and discover the true treasures of Paris. Perfect for a first visit to Paris or even if you have been before; all tours are tailor-made to suit your needs and desires. A little more about your guide. Throughout the years, April has had the opportunity to visit the City of Lights as a tourist, having been captivated by everything Paris has to offer, in particular the rich history, delicious food, trendy fashion and the beautiful language. For the past two years, April has called Paris home, working there as a tour guide. Coming from the Niagara Region in Canada, but since then living a nomadic life for many years, she has always worked in tourism. Therefore it only came naturally to her to continue to pursue her passion in tourism by starting her own company. Book a tour with April in Paris Tours to help you see Paris through the eyes of a local.

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塞纳河, 玛莱区, 圣路易斯岛, 圣礼拜堂, 巴黎圣母院大教堂, 西堤岛, 孚日广场, 拉丁区, Hotel de Ville 酒店, 圣日尔曼大道, 左岸, 巴黎古监狱, 艾菲尔铁塔, 亚历山大三世桥, 卢浮宫博物馆, 凯旋门, 香榭丽舍大道, 大皇宫, 协和广场, 小皇宫博物馆, 特罗卡德罗, 卢克索方尖碑

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