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AmsterBike with its both locations in Amsterdam and the Zaanse Schans offers bike, e-bike, electric bikes and scooters, and guided tours for groups and individuals. In Amsterdam our shop is at 10 minutes walk from the Central Station near the Passenger Terminal with the most beautiul vieuw over the IJ river.


梵高美术馆, Jordaan, 冯德尔公园, 皇家宫殿, 红灯区, 老教堂, 新教堂, 阿姆斯特丹博物馆区, 阿姆斯特尔河, 瘦桥, 西教堂, 安妮·弗兰克, 水坝广场, 桑斯安斯, 国立博物馆


阿姆斯特丹, 马肯

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