Alternative Hamburg Tours

Alternative Hamburg is an original and unique concept in the Hamburg tours market. Alternative Hamburg was the first to showcase the alternative districts and cultural happenings to English speaking tourists in this Hanseatic city. While you will see an incredible array of urban street art throughout the tour, we aim to go much deeper than into the heart of Hamburg. We will show you how the locals have worked to fight against gentrification and keep the independent flame of Hamburg alight. You will discover artist squats, re-purposed WW2 bunkers, learn about the incredible pirate legends, the leftist St Pauli Football Club, visit protest sites and discover how green initiatives are helping shape the future of Hamburg. Established in 2014 off the successes of Alternative London and Alternative Berlin, we are very excited to offer you an insiders view of what life is like in this unique, creative and forward thinking city.

Alternative Hamburg Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

圣保利, Schanzenviertel, Rote Flora 剧院, 绳索街

Alternative Hamburg Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:


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