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Adventure Holidays – Asia (AHA) offers a selective range of active holidays, customized family packages as well as unique hands-on projects & community travel, and gay travel (LGBT). All our journeys are inspired by the love for people, wildlife, nature and the passion of experiencing local cultures, customs and outdoor activities such as cycling, motorbike-riding, kayaking, hiking, mountaineering… Also Adventure Holidays – Asia is a team whose members are good honeymoon & wedding planners to assist couples who look for the unforgettable honeymoon holidays in truly different ways. Why Choose Us: - Guaranteed Response - Any single request or question of you will be responded during 05 working-hours upon receipt. - Private, Flexibility, Comfort and More Options - Transparent Quote / Rates and No Hidden Fees - Expert Knowledge - Responsible Travel

Adventure Holidays - Asia提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

胡志明纪念堂, 湄公河三角洲, 总统府, 杭盖街, 河内老城区, 河內博物馆, 洞里萨湖, 吴哥窟, 女王宫, 崩密列, 大吴哥, 巴戎寺, 皇家浴池, 柏威夏汗, 斑黛喀蒂寺, 还剑湖, 河内文庙, 玉山寺

Adventure Holidays - Asia在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

会安, 顺化, 岘港, 河内, 胡志明市, 下龙湾, 金边, 暹粒市, 大叻

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