Adrenalina Tours Guatemala

ADRENALINA TOURS GUATEMALA is a professional tour operator in Guatemala BASED IN QUETZALTENANGO . It is our mission to facilitate authentic and meaningful travel experiences, with the focus on ensuring quality services. Our innovative tourism services cater to a variety of customers, whether you are a traveler wanting to explore Mayan civilization, a patient needing inexpensive medical treatment, or a student seeking to learn Spanish and volunteer. We have been successfully running our tour operations for the past 16 years. As the majority of our staff is local Guatemalans, we strive to employ the local people in all of our businesses. It is also a fundamental part of our business to pay our employees fair wages and provide excellent social benefits. These Guatemalan employees are equipped with excellent knowledge of the English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, and local languages of Quiche and Mam. Try us out! Ask for a custom made program, for you, your group, or your business. We look forward to planning your travel journey.

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克萨尔特南戈, 巴纳哈契

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