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241Passport is a must-have App for holiday offering tourists huge savings across 7 cities across the world. Visitors to the city can redeem fantastic ‘2-for-1’ offers for 100 of the best restaurants, attractions, waterparks, spas, leisure activities and more across the city - saving up to $14,000 on the perfect holiday! Users receive two offers for each venue to ensure a great experience and superb value for a couple, a family or group of up to 4 people!

241 Passport提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

迪拜河, 迪拜音乐喷泉, 迪拜室内跳伞中心, 迪拜室内跳伞中心海豚馆, 棕榈岛, 棕榈岛, 迪拜码头, 迪拜购物中心, 朱美拉海滩, 泰晤士河, 伦敦 Ripley 信不信由你博物馆, 伦敦桥, 伦敦桥体验

241 Passport在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

迪拜, 伦敦, 巴斯

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