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ZEALANDIA: About Us ZEALANDIA is an award-winning conservation attraction, giving visitors one of the best opportunities to see and hear rare native NZ flora and fauna in the wild. At ZEALANDIA, we are building a brighter future for New Zealand's native wildlife by turning back the clock as closely as possible to the way things were before humans arrived. We have created the world's first fenced eco-sanctuary, and are working to restore natural habitats to provide a safe haven for some of New Zealand's endangered native species. Discover a unique 'living ark' Many of New Zealand's most precious native animals survive only in remote forests, inaccessible mountain tops and isolated islands where they have escaped the habitat loss and predation by introduced mammals. The islands, especially, have become an important part of the New Zealand conservation movement. Without them we would have lost many species of birds, invertebrates and reptiles found nowhere else on Earth. The sanctuary here at ZEALANDIA is essentially an island too - what we call a 'mainland island'. Instead of being surrounded by water, we have a unique fence that has been designed to keep out the introduced mammals that have devastated much of New Zealand's unique flora and fauna. What makes this place even more special is that it is less than ten minutes' drive from central Wellington, meaning that even if you are on a tight schedule or limited budget, you can experience some of our most unique native birds, reptiles, invertebrates and plants in their natural environment, which is being restored to its pre-human state. ZEALANDIA: The Exhibition is the first facility fully-dedicated to showcasing New Zealand’s unique natural history and world-famous conservation movement. Join us on an extraordinary journey; from the day before humans arrived; through centuries of catastrophic loss; and finally, to the present day, when New Zealanders begin to put our shattered paradise back together. Once you've finished exploring the exhibition and sanctuary, grab a coffee or lunch at our licensed café, Rata, overlooking the picturesque lower lake. “On the edge of Wellington yet seemingly a million miles from anything urban, this beautiful fenced-in nature reserve is concentrating on restocking its 225 hectares with purely native flora and fauna.” - The Rough Guide to New Zealand “Just about the most perfect sanctuary I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting” – Stephen Fry, BBC’s Last Chance to See “An unmissable Green Experience” – Lonely Planet

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