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3 Day UNESCO Heritage Private Tour in Armenia from Yerevan

3 Day UNESCO Heritage Private Tour in Armenia from Yerevan

Get an unforgettable experience with this offer & get ready in order to explore: Day 1: Yerevan - Khor Virap - Etchmiadin - Zvartnots - Vernissage - Yerevan • Khor Virap Monastery, one of the most important sanctuaries of Armenians, located at the foot of the biblical Mount Ararat. • Etchmiadzin Cathedral - the religious center for all the Armenian. Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301. The cathedral was listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2000. • Hripsime Church, listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, was built by the order of the Catholicos Komitas in 618. • Also, you will visit Zvartnots Cathedral, one of the medieval Armenian cathedrals built in the seventh century. The ruins of Zvartnots Temple are designated by Unesco as World Heritage Site. • The last stop is Vernissage, a large open-air exhibition-market in Yerevan, where you will find anything and everything. Day 2: Yerevan - Garni - Arch of Charents - Geghard - Lake Sevan - Fruit Market - Yerevan •The Arch of Charents. It’s a place where you can admire the most beautiful view of Mount Ararat. • Garni Temple is the only preserved pagan temple in the entire territory of the Caucasus. The construction dates back to the second half of the 1st century and was dedicated to the Sun God. After the Christianization of Armenia, the temple was used as a royal residence. • Geghard which is a medieval monastery declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. According to tradition The Geghard Monastery was founded by Saint Gregory in the 4th century on the site of a sacred spring. The peculiar character of the construction is reflected in its austerity and the magnificent natural scenery of the canyon, surrounded by precipices and curved cliffs. • Then you will make a stop to visit the Sevanavank monastic complex on the peninsula and contemplate the beautiful landscape of Lake Sevan, which is the pearl of Armenia. • And the last visit is the Yerevan fruit market which is a colorful, fragrant and busy huge indoor market with hundreds of stalls of farmers, bakers etc that actually grow and prepare their own food. Day 3: Yerevan - Noravank - Karahunj - Tatev/Wings of Tatev- Yerevan • You will visit one of the wonderful monuments of medieval Armenia, the Monastery of Noravank, located in an impressive canyon. Noravank means "New Monastery" and is considered one of the most attractive places in the country. • Our next stop is Karahunj Observatory, also known as Zorats Karer, a megalithic composition of Bronze Age tombs and over 220 standing stones / menhirs. • The last stop is Tatev Monastery which is the gem of Armenian architecture. It was founded in the 9th century and has been a major educational and religious center in Armenia for many centuries. We are going to take cable car Wings of Tatev which is the longest reversible cableway in the world (5752 m), recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Enjoy your stay in our country.

In Yerevan: Discover the Artistry of Armenian Carpet Weaving

In Yerevan: Discover the Artistry of Armenian Carpet Weaving

Welcome to Yerevan, Armenia’s captivating capital, where history, culture, and art weave a vibrant tapestry of experiences. We invite you to discover one of the most exquisite forms of Armenian artistry: Megerian Carpets. Stop 1: Megerian Carpet Museum Our tour starts at the Megerian Carpet Museum, nestled in the heart of Yerevan. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in the rich history of Armenian carpet weaving, spanning centuries of tradition. Admire the intricate designs, vibrant colors, and flawless craftsmanship that have earned Armenian carpets a global reputation. Stop 2: Carpet Weaving Workshop Next, we’ll visit a traditional carpet weaving workshop, where talented artisans carry on the time-honored craft passed down through generations. See for yourself the meticulous process of hand-weaving carpets, from choosing the finest materials to skillfully knotting each thread with precision and care. Stop 3: Megerian Carpet Showroom After learning about the art of carpet weaving, we’ll head to the Megerian Carpet showroom, a treasure trove of stunning creations. Explore a dazzling array of carpets, each with its own unique story told through intricate patterns and motifs. Whether you prefer classic designs or modern interpretations, you’ll find a masterpiece to embellish your home. Stop 4: Carpet Restoration Studio Our final stop takes us to a carpet restoration studio, where expert craftsmen restore antique carpets to their original glory, preserving their beauty for future generations to enjoy. Learn about the delicate process of restoring and repairing carpets, a labor of love that demands patience, skill, and a deep appreciation for the art form. Stop 5: Megerian Carpet Shop Before we leave, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Megerian Carpet shop. Here, you’ll find a variety of products inspired by Armenian carpets, such as jewelry, scarves, home accessories, and more. These items are made by local craftsmen and women, who use the same motifs and colors as the carpets to create beautiful and unique souvenirs. Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, you’ll find something to suit your taste and budget. Experience the artistry of Megerian Carpets firsthand in Yerevan.

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