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Yellow Bastion

Yellow Bastion: Our most recommended tours and activities

Sarajevo: War Tour with Tunnel of Hope and Trebevic Mountain

1. Sarajevo: War Tour with Tunnel of Hope and Trebevic Mountain

Travel back to the bygone war times on a war and history tour of Sarajevo with a hassle-free pickup from your hotel included. Visit the Tunnel of Hope War Museum, Sniper Alley, and Yellow Fortress, learning about these landmarks from your local guide on the way. Take a comfortable ride from the hotel to the first stop of this experience, the Tunnel of Hope. Wander through its passages and learn about the important role it had throughout the siege. Listen to stories of how it transported supplies and people during the war. Pass through the Sniper Alley, and take in the Yugoslav-era structures that bear the scars of the wars. Upon reaching the Yellow Fortress, be treated to a captivating view of Sarajevo's landscape. Listen to stories about the siege and how this fortress defended against enemy forces. Stop by the grave of Sarajevo's Romeo and Juliet, an emotional representation of love during the siege. Pass by the Chapel of Princip Gavrilo, gaining insights into the Sarajevo Assassination and the beginning of World War 1. Stop at the Latin Bridge, a symbolic landmark filled with historic events. Finally, gear up for an enchanting cable car trip to Trebević mountain, a frontline historical place that played a significant role during Sarajevo's Bosnian War. Marvel at views of the Olympic Mountains, before wrapping up the experience. Find yourself rewinding the moments of the day as you return to the old downtown.

Sarajevo: Old Town, Fortress, Cable Car & Trebevic Mountain

2. Sarajevo: Old Town, Fortress, Cable Car & Trebevic Mountain

Get ready to journey through the rich history of Sarajevo with this enchanting experience that begins with a prompt pick-up. The first stop of your much-awaited experience - the Catholic Cathedral, stands as the finest representation of the city's spiritual heritage. Find yourself admiring the age-old construction and facade. Enjoy the pass-by spots at Kazandziluk, one of the famous streets of the town, the clock tower, and Morica Han, the only surviving inn from the Ottoman period. You’ll also get a chance to pass by the Jewish Museum, which houses the oldest Jewish temple, Sarajevo City Marketplace, and National Theater, famed for its mind-blowing architecture. Embark on a mind-blowing journey through time as you start your walk through the enchanting pathways of Sarajevo's Old Town. Unveil the rich history of the town as the guide escorts you to ancient workshops and historical treasures, all the while narrating catchy stories of the past. From there, you’ll be taken to Gazi Husrev-Beg Mosque, a true example of the beautiful Ottoman Islamic design. Feel like you’re time traveling to the past as you explore the eternal flame, a monument that honors war victims and defenders during the 4-year occupation of the city in the 1940s. Brace yourself for a gastronomic treat as you indulge in Bosnian street delicacies, from delectable baked goods to homemade treats. Stop at the Ottoman-style wooden fountain, Sebilj, and marvel at the allure of this historic haven, where the past meets the present. Ascend to the Yellow Fortress, where panoramic views of Sarajevo await you. A cable car expedition will take you to the Trebević mountain, once a front line during the city's siege, now a site offering breathtaking panoramas. Get ready for another ride to the past at the iconic Latin Bridge – a spot that witnessed the beginning of World War I and a fateful assassination. Conclude your day's experiences with loads of memories and photographs and enjoy a peaceful ride back to your hotel.

Sarajevo: Times of Misfortune War Tour with Tunnel Museum

3. Sarajevo: Times of Misfortune War Tour with Tunnel Museum

Join this popular 3-hour coach tour of Sarajevo to learn what Sarajevans lived through from 1992-1995 during the Balkan wars. Start the tour by visiting the Yellow fortress and the Maternity hospital. On your way to the war tunnel,  pass through the notorious sniper alley, the most dangerous street in the city. Visit the cemetery of the heroes who stood unarmed in defence of their city, and gave their lives for its freedom. Find out what life was like without food, water, electricity, and gas, how children kept up with their school work, and what the cultural and sports life was like in the middle of war. Many of the guides have personal experience of the war and will tell you about the collapse of Yugoslavia, the war’s aims, and the plans for the division of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visit the Tunnel Museum via Sniper Alley, to learn about the tunnel’s role during the siege. Find out about the role of UN forces in Sarajevo, and the mistakes they committed during the conflict. To finish the tour, visit the famous Tunnel of Hope, a secret war passage that helped the citizens survive the four year long siege. Tour sights: • Sehid Cemetery • Yellow Fortress • Markale Market • Presidency • Olympic buildings - Kosevo Stadium and Zetra Sport Hall • Maternity hospital • Marshal Tito Barracks – Sarajevo University Campus • Sniper Alley • Grbavica • Radio-Television Building • Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum • Sarajevo panorama

Sarajevo war tour

4. Sarajevo war tour

Sarajevo had been under the siege for 1425 days which is also the longest siege in the modern warfare. During that time, there was shortage of food, water, medicine, electricity and other necessities. The city was defended by the local citizenry that barely had any weapons at the outbreak of war. This tour will also present you the number of murdered Sarajevo children, brave people and forbidden love. These stories will definitely not leave you indifferent. We will also include the visit to Yellow Bastion that provides a breathtaking view of the entire city. After that, we will see city’s marketplace, where a massacre and terrible crime took place, taking away many innocent civilians. We will continue our tour with the secured transport to the Olympic stadium and hall. On our way, we will pass through the deadliest street in Sarajevo, known as the sniper-walley. On the outskirt of Sarajevo, bellow the runaway, the Sarajevo War Tunnel is placed. It presented an enormous hope and salvation for local citizenry because it was an only entrance for delivery of necessities. We will pay a visit to other important sites connected to the theme of war, such as City Hall, Holiday Hotel or multitude of “roses” on the streets, which awaken painful memories. Multimedia photos and videos will present you with appearance of these sights during the siege and you will witness yourselves how they look today.

Sarajevo: Best of Sarajevo - All Inclusive Full Day Tour

5. Sarajevo: Best of Sarajevo - All Inclusive Full Day Tour

After meeting with your group and guide, you will begin your 3-part, best of Sarajevo tour. You will begin by admiring the symbols of the Austro-Hungarian rule, hearing the story of the Spite House. You will then move on to discover the heart of the Ottoman rule, Sarajevo’s Bascarsija, before drinking water from the Sebilj Fountain. Moving on, you can pray in one of the four big houses of God in Sarajevo, and find out why people call it a “European Jerusalem”. You will then learn about the local hospitality over a cup of Bosnian coffee, whilst sharing the importance and the meaning of its consumption. Next, you will learn about the 14th Olympic Winter Games which were held in Sarajevo from February 8th to 19th, 1984. It was the first Winter Olympics to be held in a communist country, and on this tour you can see the place where the opening ceremony took place whilst discovering what the Olympic Games meant for the people of Sarajevo. You will be taken to the breathtaking Olympic mountain Trebević and have a chance to walk down the ruined bobsled and enjoy the amazing views of Sarajevo. For the final stage of your tour, you will begin a war tour. You can find out what it was like to live without food, water, electricity and gas, as well as how the children were going to school and what the culture and sports scene was like throughout war. Upon arrival at the Tunnel Museum, you will pass through 20 meters of the original tunnel, before watching a movie about the war in Sarajevo upon which the guide will explain the role of the tunnel during the siege, its construction and its methods of use.

Sarajevo: Traditional Bosnian Dinner with Host Family

6. Sarajevo: Traditional Bosnian Dinner with Host Family

Experience life like a local as you go for dinner with a family in a traditional home. Learn about history from your hosts as you taste delicious food like sogan dolma, burek, and zeljanica Start your adventure with convenient pickup from your hotel in Sarajevo. Sit back, relax, and settle in for your journey to Sarajevo's atmospheric old city. Enjoy a stop at the city's scenic Yellow Fortress along the way to whet your appetite with its signature panoramic views. Arrive at your host family's residence, which is decorated in the traditional Bosnian style, and take a peek at the genuine lives of the locals who call Sarajevo their home. Get ready to sit down to feast on a delicious and varied dinner of Bosnian dishes. Chat with your family all about Bosnia Herzegovina, Sarajevo, history, local culture, and everything in between. While you do this, feast on a variety of traditional delicacies. Try sogan dolma and sarma, and sample different kinds of pie like burek - known as the king of all pies, and the vegetarian zeljanica. Enjoy learning about these delicious dishes' recipes, cooking techniques, and preparation secrets. Discover which ones are used for special occasions, and hear anecdotes from history as you eat. Finish your meal with desserts like baklava, hurmasica, kadaif, and tufahija. Conclude your experience with the traditional coffee before being driven back to your accommodation in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo: City Highlights & Hidden Gems Private Walking Tour

7. Sarajevo: City Highlights & Hidden Gems Private Walking Tour

Sarajevo, is a magical place! And with the local host of your choice, you are going to experience it all. So get ready; culture, history, and local lifestyle await! Dive into the origin of Sarajevo as you see the city’s main landmarks like Bascarsija, Sarajevo City Hall, and the Yellow Bastion. And how about the hidden gems? Oh, you’re in for a surprise! Every host has its own story to tell, so pick your favorite, and you’ll discover the city through their eyes. Experience their Sarajevo to the max based on their passions and expertise. They’ll make sure you have fun enjoying a unique and local perspective of Sarajevo. Want to take a break? Leave it up to your host! This is the perfect opportunity to visit that special eatery where only the locals come and your chance to enjoy a local treat hand-picked by your host. Feel free to ask your host more about their life in their city or get recommendations about the top things to do in Sarajevo. Remember, the locals know best. The best part of any city tour is definitely the unique stories. Everybody has a story to tell, especially your host. Each one of the local hosts has a different background ranging from arts to history. They can’t wait to share their knowledge with you and exchange ideas and perspectives! Feel like changing the route a bit? No problem, the hosts will be happy to personalize the tour to your wishes and make their Sarajevo, your Sarajevo!

From Darkness To Light: Tunnel of Hope Private Tour Sarajevo

8. From Darkness To Light: Tunnel of Hope Private Tour Sarajevo

Experience the history and beauty of Sarajevo on an exciting tour of the Tunnel of Hope, the Roses of Sarajevo, The Yellow Fortress, and Trebević Vidikovac! This underground tunnel, built during the Bosnian War, was a crucial lifeline for the people of Sarajevo. It provided a way for civilians to escape the city and for the Bosnian army to bring much-needed supplies. Now a museum, the Tunnel of Hope is a powerful reminder of the resilience and determination of the people of Sarajevo. After exploring the tunnel, you'll have the opportunity to visit the Roses of Sarajevo, a series of memorials dedicated to the victims of the War. These metal roses, inscribed with the names and dates of death of victims, are placed in the pavement at locations where civilians were killed during the War. These memorials are a poignant reminder of the atrocities of the War and act as a symbol of peace and reconciliation in Sarajevo. Next, you'll visit The Yellow Fortress, a medieval fortress located on a hill overlooking Sarajevo. The fortress, built in the 14th century, offers panoramic views of the city and is a popular tourist attraction. Finally, you'll visit Trebević Vidikovac, a scenic lookout point on Mount Trebević. From here, you'll have breathtaking views of Sarajevo and the surrounding mountains. Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the history and beauty of Sarajevo on a tour of the Tunnel of Hope, the Roses of Sarajevo, The Yellow Fortress, and Trebević Vidikovac. Book your tour today!

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Had the tour in German today with guide Adi. We were a total of 4 people and started on time. First we visited the maternity clinic and saw what was probably the last ruin of the war in Sarajevo. From there we continued via Sniper Alley to the Tunnel Museum in Butmir. There we learned everything worth knowing about the Bosnian war, as well as about the tunnel and its creation, using video, pictures and maps. Finally we visited the yellow bastion and took a break there. We enjoyed cool drinks and a wonderful view of the city. I really liked the tour and Adi told a lot of interesting things. A terrific tour with a perfectly speaking guide Adi. I can only recommend it to everyone who visits Sarajevo!

A great tour! I really enjoyed every minute. Since nobody but me seemed to have the courage to face the seven-hour tour in midsummer, I had a private tour. Elvis, the tour guide, was great: competent, friendly and attentive. I can really recommend him unreservedly. And the tour itself is awesome if you want to see more than just Bascarsija. Culture meets nature meets sport meets the city's recent history. For those who don't have much time but want to see more!

Highly recommend. Great guide who shared his personal experiences during the war. He also pointed out sniper alley while driving. This tour helped me put everything into place historically

Great tour through Sarajevo. The guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about his home town.

The tour helped me understand the siege of Sarajevo