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WOW Porto

WOW Porto

WOW Porto: Our most recommended tours and activities

Porto: Pink Palace Entry Ticket & Tasting at WOW

1. Porto: Pink Palace Entry Ticket & Tasting at WOW

Prepare for an exaggerated, flamboyant, and bright experience that immerses visitors into the world of Rosé. Explore the eleven rooms and enjoy a sensory experience that will teach you everything there is to know about Rosé, shattering a series of myths about this style of wine, in an engaging, attractive and memorable way. Learn about the different types of Rosé, produced by grapes grown in different regions and climates around the world, and its range of winemaking techniques. Throughout the experience, discover the beverage's versatility by tasting 5 different Rosés: Quinta do Vale do Bragão Rosé, AIX Gran Vin de Provence Rosé, Mateus Rosé, Vértice Rosé Bruto, and Croft Pink Rosé Port. Take selfies and creative photos throughout the museum and enjoy an interactive journey into the history and contemporary production of rosé. Diving into a pool of pink balls or getting into a big, charming Cadillac, Hollywood style, everything is possible inside the Pink Palace!

Porto: The Wine Experience Entry Ticket & Tasting at WOW

2. Porto: The Wine Experience Entry Ticket & Tasting at WOW

Uncork your wine-expert potential at the largest single exhibit on wine in the world. Dedicated to both amateur and experienced wine enthusiasts alike, The Wine Experience aims to demystify wine for all. Join us on a voyage of discovery which explains how wine is made and how environment, climate and grape variety have a defining effect on wine. From root and vine to grape and glass, discover how various processes combine to make one of the most iconic beverages in the world. And from North to South, as well as the islands of Azores and Madeira, explore the richness and diversity of the wine-producing regions of Portugal. End your experience with a tasting session of 3 different wines. With the help of our Wine Experts, learn how to taste wine, and how to evaluate and understand its notes and main characteristics. An emblematic expression of culture, rooted in 7,000 years of history and tradition, the Wine Experience at WOW is an exceptional journey that will leave you with increased knowledge and confidence in choosing wine, no matter the occasion!

Porto: Combined Ticket for WOW Cultural District

3. Porto: Combined Ticket for WOW Cultural District

WOW is a cultural district, assembling museums, restaurants and experiences in a common space in Vila Nova de Gaia, next to the Douro River. See more of what WOW has to offer with this combined ticket. You'll get to decide which museums to visit directly on site (no advance decision required!) and you'll be saving money too! From cork to wine, passing through chocolate or drinking vessels, WOW has museums for all tastes. In addition to museums, we also have various F&B outlets where you can rest and indulge on delicious food and drinks, with breath-taking views over Porto! Museums: • The Wine Experience. Demystify the world of wine. Discover how wine is made, understand which wines you prefer and why, and learn about Portugal’s diverse wine regions. Includes tasting of 3 wines (red, white, and port wine). • The Chocolate Story. A journey through the world of chocolate from its origins as cocoa, through harvest to the final lip-smacking product. Spoiler alert: there may be tasting opportunities! • Planet Cork. Did you know that Portugal produces around 40 million corks a day? Discover the potential of cork and the incredible versatility of this 100% natural and sustainable product. • Porto Region Across the Ages. Celebrates the city of Porto: its history and heritage, culture, and people. Houses a full-size replica of the iconic city tram. • The Bridge Collection. An extraordinary journey through time, from the earliest civilization to the present day, told uniquely through drinking vessels. • The Pink Palace. A fun and flamboyant experience that immerses visitors in the world of Rosé wine. Includes 5 Rosé wine tastings.

Porto: The Chocolate Story Entry Ticket at WOW

4. Porto: The Chocolate Story Entry Ticket at WOW

Embark on a sensory journey around the extraordinary world of chocolate. From cacao plantations to modern chocolate manufacturing processes, see, taste and smell the history of chocolate and its transformation from bean to bar. Travel 5,000 years and discover the origins of cacao as a sacred drink from the gods in Central America. Then, follow its path to Europe, moving from liquid cacao to the chocolate we know and love today. Throughout this interactive experience, learn about cocoa farming and the entire production process of chocolate. Understand the specifications of the cacao fruit and plant, and its origins and varieties. You'll even get to taste raw cacao! Deepen your understanding of the role of chocolate in popular culture and society, learning about the history of advertising, packaging and factory production. Finally, encounter a fully operating chocolate factory in action, and watch, in real time, the transformation of cacao into our award-winning chocolate, having the opportunity to taste the final product!

Porto: Wine Cellar Entry, Train Tour & Optional River Cruise

5. Porto: Wine Cellar Entry, Train Tour & Optional River Cruise

With this pass, you will have the chance to enjoy a variety of excursions and explore different corners of Porto. Start your sightseeing adventure onboard the Magic Train! Departing from the Sé Catedral, you will see an array of important landmarks during the tour, including Batalha Square, Aliados Avenue, Clerigos Tower, and more. The train will also take you to the prestigious wine cellar – Real Companhia Velha. This is one of the oldest and most prominent wine cellars in the city. You will enjoy a fabulous guided tour of the cellar, and dive into the rich history and culture of Port wine-making. Further to this, enjoy two delightful wine tastings, included in your ticket. After the visit to Real Companhia Velha, this is a great time to download your mobile-app tour of the Vila Nova de Gaia district. Follow the self-guided itineraries and explore other renowned wine cellars, while immersing yourself in the rich culture and traditions of Port wine. Additionally, enjoy stunning, panoramic views of the city from the hilltops! Enrich your experience even further, by upgrading your ticket to include the Six Bridges river cruise. Soak in the stunning views of Porto's coastline from the open-top boat, and learn all about the city's spectacular six bridges. Note – You can enjoy the activities in any order, but we recommend the itinerary above.

Porto: Taylor’s Cellar Tour + The Wine Experience Pack

6. Porto: Taylor’s Cellar Tour + The Wine Experience Pack

Uncork your wine-expert potential with the ultimate pack for wine lovers! Demystify the world of wine at the Wine Experience museum at WOW cultural district. In this interactive and dynamic exhibition, you’ll be able to discover how wine is made, understand which wines you prefer and why, and learn about Portugal’s diverse wine regions. Then, explore the 300-year-old cellars of Taylor’s - an unmissable experience for the lovers of Port Wine! Immerse yourself in the history of one of the oldest founding Port houses and learn about the production process of this exquisite beverage. End your experience with a tasting of some of Taylor’s most iconic wines while enjoying breath-taking views over the city of Porto.

The Wine School Workshops and Tastings

7. The Wine School Workshops and Tastings

Create your own wine tasting menu with the help of an expert, through our Personalised 3-Wine Tasting. Or enjoy a 3 Wine and 3 Cheese pairing session and learn how to choose the best combinations for your next party or picnic. Or choose one of our “Demystify Wine” workshops and taste 5 different wines, according to a theme of your choice: 1. How to Taste Wine: learn about the fundamentals of wine, terms commonly used to describe it, and how to feel more confident when choosing wine. 2. Uncorking Port Wine: discover the magic of Port Wine and discover its origin, how it is made and what makes it so unique. 3. Portuguese Regions: discover Portugal through its wine. Discover 5 different Portuguese wine regions and their specifications through this drink. 4. Wine Pairing with Portuguese Gastronomy: understand the key elements of a perfect combination between wine and gastronomy. Includes tasting of 5 traditional cuisine elements.

Porto: Fonseca Cellar Tour + The Wine Experience Pack

8. Porto: Fonseca Cellar Tour + The Wine Experience Pack

Demystify the world of wine at the Wine Experience museum at WOW cultural district. In this interactive and dynamic exhibition, you’ll be able to discover how wine is made, understand which wines you prefer and why, and learn about Portugal’s diverse wine regions. Then, immerse yourself into the world of Port Wine in a self-guided tour through the 200-year-old cellars of Fonseca. Discover the history of one of the most prestigious Port wine houses in the world and learn about its production process– from its origin in the Douro Valley and Quinta do Panascal, to its aging process and even sustainable winemaking practices.End your visit with a commented tasting of the signature Fonseca Bin 27 Port, or 1 glass of grape juice from the Douro Valley (for children).

Porto: Planet Cork Entry Ticket at WOW

9. Porto: Planet Cork Entry Ticket at WOW

Step into the fascinating world of cork and discover its unique characteristics and enormous potential in the modern world: from cork stoppers, to architecture and from automotive engineering, to aerospace. Discover how cork forests support many different species of wildlife, insects and microorganisms beneficial to the planet, and how cork production is a rare example of a carbon negative industry. Admire the cork tree and its various locations around the world, and understand how Portugal became the largest production of cork on the planet, accounting for 50% global production and thousands of hectares of forest. From touch to smell, engage all your senses to understand every step of cork production. Learn how cork is grown and harvested before being transformed into a myriad of surprising and varied applications. Throw yourself into a world of the unknown, and even get the chance to create your own personalised cork stopper!

Porto: Porto Region Across The Ages Entry Ticket at WOW

10. Porto: Porto Region Across The Ages Entry Ticket at WOW

Discover Porto and its incredible 1,000 years of history, through an audio-visual immersive journey that tells the story of the region through the ages. Learn how the city of Porto gave its name to a nation, before projecting Portugal through global exploration and trade and more recently becoming a world wine capital. Dive into the city’s foundations, conquests, explorations, and setbacks, that have defined Portugal's identity. With features like a movie theatre, video mapping displays, and a life-sized tram replica, this museum offers a dynamic exploration of the region's character and its people. It's a concentrated dose of vitality, energy, friendliness, and openness, revealing the essence of this remarkable region. Entertaining and educational, PRATA is an essential first stop for anyone wishing to understand the city, the surrounding area and its influence.

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You could spend hours here. There is so much to learn about how wine is made and I think people more interested in the production, rather than the drinking of wine, would find it a great activity. My partner and I spent approximately 2.5 hours looking around, and tasting wine at the end. Would recommend, it is lovely to learn about traditional port making!

The exhibition is very interesting and informative with important details about wine production, the elements of Earth, different soils from different countries, the processes , the artworks of various tastes , smells and learning about wine from Portugal. It’s well done and if you like wine and you want to learn more then absolutely do this tour.

We did chocolate, wine, and cork they were all awesome! I would definitely recommend this and the views are an added plus!

So freaking awesome. Amazing wine and pictures. Better if they didn’t let screaming children in there…

the best visit of our week of vacation. I recommend it 200%