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Wonder Tours is an agency that crafts of unique leisure and travel local experiences in Spain We exist for those who wish to live unique, memorable and transforming experiences. Wonder Tours has the mission to develop all kind of experiences for those who want to feel the city in a different way, honest and real, getting in touch with other people and experiencing local live the way people live, eat, visit the places and behave during their daily live. What are the things that makes live life matters? Thru our experiences you´ll be encourage to share with us the joy of living and enjoy the happiness and richness of a country like spain. In Wonder Tours we have have charming customers for years and have been feeded by them and their feedback while we giving the most of us for them to get and share the most of the place, most part of the times we just let us go while customizing the experiences on the fly, magic makes the rest.. In fact we have built this one-of-a-kind experiences minding their comments, insights and reveals We are deeply pleased to be your hosts to achieve what you aim seeking the more authentic places where you can touch and feel life thru buildings, trees, paths and parks, food, wine, bikes and walks. Wonder times, wonder sites, wonder life. Welcome to wonder tours, welcome to Spain.. ----------

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