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Wild N Happy Group Ltd. is an outstanding provider of high quality, authentic experiences within the adventure tourism market by capturing Ireland’s natural beauty, scenery and natural resources. Wild N Happy Group Ltd. offers unique destinations, flexibility, personalized itineraries and an abundance of opportunities for people to explore their Wild N Happy side. Wild N Happy Group Ltd. makes Ireland as a destination accessible and consumable for tourists from every walk of life. Wild N Happy Group Ltd. is the one stop shop for all things travel and outdoor activities in Ireland. Our company offers a unique, fresh, honest and local travel network spreading over the Island of Ireland. We are different to any other operator due to our one-stop-shop approach of covering all of our clients needs. Further Wild N Happy Group Ltd. allows for a maximum degree of flexibility for our clients which allow for an in-depth experience of Ireland. Wild N Happy is unique due to its approach of only hiring the best driver guides which deliver our products directly to our clients. Our driver guides have local, insider knowledge encouraging people to make the most out of their trip. Our customers leave with a sense of satisfaction and achievement and with a degree of learning about the Irish way of life, culture, food, people, history.

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