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Westminster Cathedral

Westminster Cathedral: Our most recommended tours and activities

London Private 4-Hour Taxi Tour

1. London Private 4-Hour Taxi Tour

Drive along the streets of London on board one of the city’s iconic black cabs and get a great narration of the city’s history from your registered guide. Following a pick-up from any central London hotel (zone 1), you will set off and stop at each landmark for photographs and a historical explanation. Take in the massive medieval fortress of the Tower of London, and the fairytale splendour of Tower Bridge. Motor through Trafalgar Square, past St James's Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Westminster Cathedral, stopping outside the King's official residence at Buckingham Palace. See St. Paul's Cathedral, Covent Garden, the Houses of Parliament, and more. Your guide will not just be a Licensed London Taxi Driver, but a registered Blue Badge, City of London, or City of Westminster Guide, so you know you are in the safest of hands. London's taxi drivers have to sit the toughest taxi exam in the world, and their knowledge of the city is unsurpassed.

London: Guided Religion and History City Walking Tour

2. London: Guided Religion and History City Walking Tour

The tour will start at Tower Hill Station and you’ll go on to visit some of the capital’s oldest Churches dating back to 650AD and landmarks that represent our famous religious country. Our first stop will be All Hallows by the Tower - the oldest church in the City of London. Enjoy viewing England’s Christian history firsthand and you might even gain your own spiritual connection. Then you’ll continue on to see more of London’s main landmarks including; Leicester Square, Chinatown, St James’ Palace, and important figures of past heroes then moving on to the fanciful & medieval Queen Eleanor Memorial Cross. Later on, at Buckingham Palace and St James’ Park, we will tell you the religious history behind the monarch and The Church of England. It will be interesting to see and understand how the evolution of religion can be reflected in all of these landmark historical artifacts as we take you down new paths. The main event will have you seeing more of London’s most famous churches, including; Westminster Abbey, the sacred St Martin’s in-the-Field Church, Methodist Central Hall Westminster, St Mary Undercroft, St Paul’s Cathedral, St George’s Cathedral, and Southwark Cathedral where hopefully you’ll experience the chiming of the bells and see a short service. You’ll also get to experience some iconic religious monuments such as the memorial cross and Charing Cross Station and religious artifacts at the National Gallery. This tour is perfect for those with a passion for the church, religion, and England’s massive religious history. Attractions included are: • Westminster Abbey • St Martin’s Church • Trafalgar Square • National Gallery • Eleanor’s Cross Charing Cross • Westminster Cathedral • St James’ Palace • Buckingham Palace • Big Ben • Parliament Square • Houses of Parliament • Westminster Arms • St Paul’s Cathedral • Westminster Cathedral • Methodist Central Hall Westminster • St Mary Undercroft • Southwark Cathedral • St George’s Cathedral • All Hallows by the Tower • Tower Bridge • The Tower of London • St Martins-in-the-Field

London: Private Guided Tour of Top Highlights by Car

3. London: Private Guided Tour of Top Highlights by Car

With so much to see and do, a private car tour is the most convenient and efficient way to explore London. Forget about tired feet and tearing through the crowds. Discover the best of Greater London in just a few hours with our Licensed Guide and Driver and optional tickets to top-rated attractions. Let us take you on an exclusive adventure! Book our shortest, 3-hour car tour of Greater London to see the most important sights, historic landmarks and World Heritage sites. You will be picked up directly from your accommodation and enjoy convenient transfers for the entire tour. Together with your Private Guide, you will admire the amazing view of the Thames River from the Tower Bridge, learn about the shady history of the Tower of London (outside only), and a walk around the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral. You’ll pass the towering skyscrapers of the City of London and the monumental Trafalgar Square as you head to the CIty of Westminster, the center of British government. Here, you will see iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey. Another highlight will be sightseeing outside Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British king, guarded by the famous red-clothed guards. After the tour, the driver will take you back to your accommodation. Book an extended 6-hour car tour of Greater London to visit St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. We provide skip-the-line tickets to both attractions to help you beat the crowds and save time. St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the largest churches in the UK, boasting amazing architecture and art inspired by Rome’s St Peter’s Basilica. You will see the Stone Gallery and the Golden Gallery and enjoy panoramic views of London from the dome. Inside the Gothic Westminster Abbey, you’ll dive into 1000 years of royal history and heritage and learn about historically and culturally important people who are buried here, such as Mary Queen of Scots, Charles Dickens and Issac Newton. Don’t miss out! Book our 9-hour private car tour of Greater London to enhance your experience with tickets to 4 top-rated tourist attractions: the Tower of London, British Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. A guided tour of the Tower of London is a chance to meet the legendary ravens and discover the darkest secrets of this medieval fortress, castle and execution site. The British Museum is also a must-do, so come and explore its world-famous collection of historical artifacts and ancient art from around the world, including Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Spend a day surrounded by history and heritage!

London: Changing of the Guards Ceremony Guided Walking Tour

4. London: Changing of the Guards Ceremony Guided Walking Tour

Join this original tour to learn about the British Royal Family and witness the daily Changing of the Guards parade outside of the Buckingham Palace. Enjoy an exlcusive experience with a 5-Star Guide who will show you the best spots for taking photos of the palace, gardens, and parade grounds. Join the basic 2-hour walking tour to see the Changing of the Guards ceremony outside of the Buckingham Palace. Hear historical facts, cultural anectots and myths about the British Royal Family as you admire the marvelous Admiralty Arch and the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Memorial Pass by the Clarence House, a royal residence of Prince of Wales and his wife Duchess of Cornwall. See the monumental Victoria Memorial and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience as the old guards who guard the Buckingham Palce prepare to exchange places with the new guards. Witness the traditional Changing of the Guards parade in front of magnificent Buckingham Palace. Enjoy observing the different stages of the ceremony and learn about the royal customs and traditions from an Expert Guide. Choose the 3-hour option to enrich your experience with a guided tour of the City of Westminster. Disocver the must-see sights and hidden gems of one of the most important districts of London. See the iconic landmarks such as the Westminster Cathedral. This neo-byzantine gem is the largest Catholic church in the United Kingdom. Admire the historic, neo-gothic Palace of Westminster, which is the seat of the British Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. See its iconic Elizabeth Tower, better known as the Big Ben, and the Winston Churchill Monument to one of the most important politicians in British history. Finally, explore the Church of St Margaret adjacent to one of the biggest London attraction - the Westminster Abbey (tickets to the abbey are not included in this option). This notable church is the coronation site of the kings of England and Great Britain and the burial place of kings and distinguished persons. Choose the 4-hour option to also visit the interior of the Westminster Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Save time and jump ahead of the queue thanks to skip-the-line tickets. The Westminster Abbey is closely linked to the Royal Family, as most Kings and Queens were crowned, married, and burried within these Gothic walls. Explore the elegant interiors with your Private Guide and discover the rich history and heritage of this remarkable site. Visit the Royal Tombs and Poet’s Corner to see the tombs of Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, as well as Charles Dickens, Robert Burns and many more notable personalities. Take a moment to look at the oak door near the Abbey’s Chapter House and wander around the charming gardens to feel the unique ambience.

King's Trail of London with a Private Guide & Tickets

5. King's Trail of London with a Private Guide & Tickets

Book this exclusive walking tour to discover the history and legends of London, from the best-known secrets of the British Royal Family to theories about Jack the Ripper's true identity. Explore the City Center with a 5-Star Local Guide and optional tickets to top-rated attractions. See the best of London, from its Roman origins, through Tudor England, to a multicultural capital! Book a 2-hour tour of the City of Westminsterin London, home to the British Royal Family and Parliament. Take a moment to admire the Palace of Westminster, where the most important political decisions are made, and hear the iconic sound of the Big Ben. Marvel at the Gothic architecture of Westminster Abbey and see the monuments dedicated to important historical figures such as Winston Churchill and Gandhi. At every turn, you will discover the rich history and cultural heritage of this ancient city. As you walk through the leafy St James Park, your Expert Guide will share interesting facts and myths about the British Royal Family. The tour will end at the gates of Buckingham Palace, the official residence of King Charles III, which is famously guarded by the red-clothed King's Guards. Thanks to your 5-Star Guide, you will learn the dos and don'ts of interacting with the guards and how to pose for a photo with them! Book a 3-hour tour to learn more about the English capital. On this extended tour you will see some of the city's most expensive buildings and visit the Church of St James Piccadilly. This church was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, one of the most accomplished English architects of the 17th century, and has even appeared on the hit series Bridgerton. You will also experience the bustling atmosphere of Piccadilly Circus, which is known as the Time Squares of London. Choose the 4-hour option to enrich your London experience with a guided tour of the Westminster Abbey! With skip-the-line tickets you can save time and enter at your pre-booked time slot. The Abbey is a historic site of many royal coronations, weddings and burials, including the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and Diana, Princess of Wales. Explore its awe-inspiring Gothic interior, galleries and cloisters and discover why it is often described as ""Britain's Valhalla"". Choose the 7-hour option to enjoy the most comprehensive tour of Greater London and skip the lines to St Paul's Cathedral, one of the city's most visited attractions. Admire the extraordinary architecture of the Cathedral inside and out, and find out how it was inspired by St Peter's Basilica in Rome. You will have access to St Paul's Dome, which offers breathtaking views of the Thames River. You will also see more sights of London, such as the National Gallery and the Admiralty Arch in Trafalgar Square, London Bridge, the Monument to the Great Fire of London, and Tower Hill Memorial. The final stop will be at the Tower Bridge, right next to the Tudor-era Tower of London.

London: Churches and Cathedrals Private Walking Tour

6. London: Churches and Cathedrals Private Walking Tour

Hear the origin story of the Church of England and discover interesting facts and myths about the religious life of Great Britain on a private walking tour! See a variety of London’s churches offering stunning architecture, beautiful sacred art and fascinating history. Discover the Top-ranked Churches of London and see some of the city’s most iconic landmarks along the way! Book a 2-hour tour to visit 2 beautiful churches in the heart of London: St Margaret’s and St Martin-in-the-Fields. Your Private Guide will meet you in Westminster, home to the world-famous Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, which together with St Margaret’s Church form a single World Heritage SIte. St Margaret’s is the official church of the House of Commons and is closely associated with the Protestants. This 12th-century church will amaze you with its Gothic-style exterior and an elegant interior featuring a Victorian organ, a wooden ceiling and original stained glass windows. Throughout the tour your Private Guide will help you understand the role that the religious institutions, especially the Church of England, play in British history, culture and politics.You will take a walk from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square, where you will enter St Martin-in-the-Fields. It is one of the most famous churches in London. You may recognize its neoclassical exterior from films like Notting Hill and Enigma and TV shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock. The guide will show you the beautiful interiors of St Martin and share interesting facts about its rich history and the ethos of the "Church of the Ever Open Door". Book a 3-hour tour to enhance your experience with a visit inside Westminster Abbey. This magnificent Gothic-style abbey is one of the most important Anglican churches in the world as it serves as the venue for royal coronations, weddings and burials. Your Expert Guide will share interesting facts about the royal events that take place here and show you treasures such as the Coronation Chair, the tombs of 30 kings and queens, and Poet’s Corner. Book a 4-hour tour to visit St Margaret’s, St Martin’s, Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral. On this extended walking tour your Private Guide will take you from Westminster to the City of London, where you will see the medieval Temple Church, which was built by the Knights Templar and St Paul’s Cathedral, which is one of the largest domed churches in the world. With skip-the-line tickets to St Paul’s you will save time and enjoy full access to the cathedral, including the viewing terrace in its dome. Admire the stunning architecture inspired by St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, see the Stone Gallery and the Golden Gallery and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of London!

London: Private City Highlights Guided Bike Tour

7. London: Private City Highlights Guided Bike Tour

Take advantage of this exciting bike tour and discover the most interesting sights of London. Meet your enthusiastic 5-Star Guide and be led safely around the city’s best spots. Enjoy adjusted tempo and comfort of environmentally friendly tour. Forget about crowds of tourists, tired feet, and traffic jams! Choose the 2-hour option to explore the Must See Attractions of the very centre of London. Admire the iconic Big Ben and beautiful Westminster Abbey. Ride along the Whitehall and reach the historical Trafalgar Square. Stroll around, take a souvenir picture and move to the next stop. Enjoy the serene atmosphere of St. James’s Park delighting with is peaceful lake and blooming colorful flowers. Marvel at the Buckingham Palace and see where the Queen lives. Then, learn even more history under the Westminster Cathedral. This Neo-Byzantine gem is the largest Catholic church in the United Kingdom! Enjoy a break at the Victoria Tower Gardens and admire the unique atmosphere by the River Thames. Join the 4 hours tour if you wish to explore even more treasures of London. See all the gems of the city’s centre as well, but enjoy a different way back to discover more fantastic places. Explore the St. Paul’s Cathedral, a real symbol of this city. Admire the stunning architecture of the British Museum and hang around the Soho, a bustling district full of trendy bars, clubs and restaurants. Extend your tour to 6 hours and become an expert of London! Visit all the popular spots as well as hidden gems that are further away. Discover the Tower of London - a historic castle which has served as a defensive and palace building of the British monarchs. Admire the iconic London Bridge and take a moment to look at the Monument to the Great Fire of London. This proudly standing Doric column commemorates the tragic events of Great Fire of London in 1666. Take some breaks between the sights to have a local snack and enjoy this unique guided Bike Tour in the company of a 5-Star Guide. Then, marvel at the St Mary Axe, a Must See exclusive skyscraper! Finally, see the stunning Marble Arch and enjoy a visit at the Hyde Park. It delights with its enchanting greenery and a multitude of monuments hidden there!

The Best Highlights of London Walking Tour & Boat Cruise

8. The Best Highlights of London Walking Tour & Boat Cruise

Follow a 5-Star Local Guide through the streets of Westminster, London and see the city like never before. Discover the past, present and the future of London. On this original tour you can explore the capital on foot and enjoy a relaxing cruise on the River Thames. Let us take you on an adventure! Choose the 3-hour option to see the best selected highlights of London. This option includes skip-the-line tickets for a 30-minute cruise on Thames, but first, you will enjoy exploring the city by foot with your 5-Star Private Guide. Your tour begins at the iconic Trafalgar Square, which features the Nelson’s Columns, fountains, lion statues and other monuments. This district is known for its monumental landmarks, such as the Admiralty Arch, the Westminster Abbey, and the Westminster Palace, which houses the British parliament. Of course, you cannot miss the sight of London’s icon, the Big Ben clock tower. Your Private Guide will escort you all the way to the Westminster Pier while sharing interesting facts and legends about the city. We want you to see London from a different perspective, so we will book tickets for a boat cruise on the river Thames. It will be an unforgettable experience that will make you appreciate the beauty of London, even more. You will pass by landmarks such as the London Eye, Millennium Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe, HMS Belfast, The Shard and the Tower of London. The cruise will end by the iconic Tower Bridge. Choose the 4-hour option to see additional sights during the walking tour that precedes your cruise. This extended route covers St James’s Park, a large royal park in the heart of London. You can find many monuments and memorials to the British monarchs here, and of course, the one-and-only Buckingham Palace. This is your chance to learn more about Queen Elizabeth II, her predecessors and successors, as well as the Queen’s Guards who hold daily parades through the park. It is a must-see in London!

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The guide was super friendly, he showed us the best of London.