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La Sal Mountain Loop: Scenic Self-Driving App Tour

La Sal Mountain Loop: Scenic Self-Driving App Tour

Welcome to Shaka Guide's audio tour app, your companion for exploring the enchanting La Sal National Forest Park. Prepare to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this pristine wilderness, nestled in the majestic La Sal Mountains. As you embark on your journey through La Sal National Forest Park with the Shaka Guide app, get ready to discover towering peaks, lush alpine meadows, and serene mountain lakes. The app will provide informative and engaging audio commentary, offering insights into the park's flora, fauna, and rich natural history. Explore the scenic byways that wind through the forest, offering breathtaking vistas at every turn. The app will guide you through routes like the La Sal Mountain Loop Road, revealing hidden gems and picturesque spots along the way. As you drive through the forest, the Shaka Guide app will point out significant landmarks, such as Geyser Pass, Warner Lake, and Oowah Lake. Venture into the La Sal Mountains, where the app will guide you to the trailheads of popular hikes. Capture the beauty of La Sal National Forest Park with your camera as the app points out ideal photography spots and provides tips for capturing the perfect shot. Learn about the unique ecosystem of the La Sal Mountains as the Shaka Guide app shares fascinating information about the region's geology, wildlife, and plant life. Some exciting things you'll experience on the tour: Breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, forests, and valleys. Explore the numerous trails that traverse La Sal National Forest Park. Keep an eye out for the diverse wildlife that inhabits La Sal National Forest Park. Fish for trout in lakes like Warner Lake or Oowah Lake. Pack a picnic lunch and find a scenic spot to enjoy a meal surrounded by nature. With the Shaka Guide app as your knowledgeable companion, your visit to La Sal National Forest Park will be enriched by captivating stories, interesting facts, and practical information. *Download the Shaka Guide app to access your purchased tours.*

Salt Lake City & La Sal: Self-Guided Walking & Driving Tour

Salt Lake City & La Sal: Self-Guided Walking & Driving Tour

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app, which will function as your personal tour guide, audio tour, and map all in one. Your digital companion through Salt Lake City and La Sal's stunning landscapes and rich history. Begin at Temple Square, Salt Lake City's historic and spiritual heart, then marvel at the architectural grandeur of the Utah State Capitol. Uncover your roots at the Family History Library before transitioning to the natural beauty of the Grandstaff Canyon Trail. Journey on to Mat Martin Point and Take Out Beach, where tranquility meets scenic beauty. Dive into the geological wonders at Big Bend Bouldering Area and understand the tales behind the mesmerizing Mesas and Petrified Sand. The Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage awaits with cultural treasures, followed by the rustic charm of Hauer Ranch. Opt for a detour to Parriott Mesa, offering breathtaking vistas, then explore Castle Valley's history. Discover the Utes Among the Buttes and the towering might of Castleton Tower. Venture to Round Mountain, uncovering the mysteries of "La Sal" and delving into the area's Spanish History. Drive onto Gateway Rd to learn about the diverse Animals and Birds of La Sal, and step back in time with Dinosaurs at Bull Canyon Overlook. Reflect on human history at Elk Mountain Mission and Miners Basin, culminating in the serene La Sal Lookout Point. Unravel the legend of Laura Bullion: The Thorny Rose and witness the saga of Creating Manti-La Sal National Forest. Experience the lore of Gold Mining, visit Warner Lake, and if you wish, take detours to Warner and Oowah Lakes. The journey continues along Geyser Pass Rd, narrating the building of Route 128. Delve into the history of Thriving Cow Town (Old La Sal), follow in the footsteps of Butch Cassidy, and explore the rich Flora of the area. The tour doesn't end here; discover the stories of The Bassett Sisters, experience a Plot Twist!, and find peace at Ken's Lake and Faux Falls. Return to the spiritual majesty of the Salt Lake Temple and stroll through the sacred Temple Square. The narrative leads to the Relief Society Building, exploring the church's humanitarian side. Conclude your adventure with insights into Mormon beliefs, the Utah War, and Salt Lake City's political history at the Council Hall. Pay respects at the Mormon Battalion Monument, admire the State Capitol's architecture, and reflect on milestones such as Women's Suffrage. Stroll through historical Plum Alley, revisit the excitement of the 2002 Winter Olympics, and uncover the lore of the North Shore Monster. Admire the McCune Mansion's grandeur, explore the Conference Center, and delve into history at the Church History Library and Museum, concluding this enriching journey at the Family History Library. This self-guided tour offers a profound connection to the landscapes, history, and heart of Salt Lake City and La Sal.

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We loved it! However, we hiked way farther than needed for the Brumley arch hike. The trail goes along a barbed wire fence and there is a wire gate you have to go through on your right. There was no sign and we walked on past this gate a very long ways. These instructions should be added, "After crossing the dry creek bed, the trail rises up to the right. Then start looking for a barbed wire gate in your right. Go through and the trail immediately descends sharply with log steps cut into the hillside."

Very helpful tour and gives a lot of information especially if you are new to the area.