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Our most recommended things to do in Wadi Musa, Jordan

From Jerusalem: Petra 2-Day Tour

1. From Jerusalem: Petra 2-Day Tour

This fully-packed two-day tour begins in Jerusalem. Driving through the Judean desert, head towards the border and go through the Allenby Bridge/King Hussein crossing into Jordan. Once in Jordan, visit the historical site of Mount Nebo, a unique viewpoint of the Jordan River's west bank. After lunch at a local restaurant, take your time and gaze at the ancient mosaic map of Jerusalem in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George at Madaba. From there, enjoy a scenic drive south. Eventually, arrive at your accommodation for the night, a Bedouin camp near Petra. The Bedouin hospitality, including an Arab-style dinner, will open your heart. Before going to sleep on a comfortable bed, sit beneath the clear desert skies and stargaze, as you have a cup of local tea. Wake up and start the day with breakfast in camp before heading out to Petra. One of the world's seven wonders and Jordan’s most treasured attraction, Petra is an unforgettable place. It was carved into the red rocks of the soaring cliffs in the early 1st century as the tomb of a Nabataean king and was hidden under sand for centuries before recently becoming accessible again. A licensed tour guide will lead you through the Siq (a narrow gorge), the Treasury, and the Amphitheater while you marvel at the beauty of each structure. Following, you will have time to explore independently: climb to the Royal Tombs, walk down the Roman Cardo or hike up to the Monastery. Meet the rest of the group again for lunch in Wadi Musa, before returning back to Jerusalem via the King Hussein/Allenby border crossing.

From Eilat: 2-Day Petra & Wadi Rum Tour with Camp Stay

2. From Eilat: 2-Day Petra & Wadi Rum Tour with Camp Stay

Petra is the most famous tourist site in Jordan today. Petra was once occupied by the Nabateans, and almost everything in Petra was constructed by them. Visiting Petra, you'll be able to see over 800 objects, including the famous treasury, temples, mourning houses, caves, and more. Wadi Rum is everything you'd expect of a quintessential desert: extreme in heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter. It is violent and moody as the sun slices through the chiseled canyons at dawn or melts the division between rock and sand at dusk. It is exacting on the Bedouin who live in it and vengeful on those who ignore the dangers it presents. Experience its power and beauty with your expert guide. Your tour will begin with a pick up from your hotel in Eilat at 08:30 AM. After crossing the Arava border, you will drive to Wadi Musa Petra and tour the site. After the tour, you will eat lunch in Petra and drive to Wadi Rum and stay overnight at an authentic Bedouin camp. Along the way, you will learn all about the Nabataeans, their history, their art, gods, and the Bedouin way of life. Upgrade your experience in the desert to a 4-star tent with a private bathroom which includes a shower and a toilet in the tent.

From Jerusalem: Petra & Wadi Rum 2-Day Tour

3. From Jerusalem: Petra & Wadi Rum 2-Day Tour

Departing daily, our Petra and Wadi Rum Tour from Jerusalem is one of the most comprehensive tours offering two full days in Jordan and is one of the best ways to visit two of Jordan’s most exciting sites. Leaving from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, the tour starts with a scenic drive through the Negev Desert en route to the Jordanian Border. Once crossing the border, drive to Aqaba city, overlooking the Red Sea and enjoy some spare time for lunch, coffee and shopping before continuing into the Wadi Rum Desert to the Bedouin Camp accommodation. In the afternoon, enjoy a memorable Jeep Safari tour adventure and gain insight into Bedouin culture. Once back at the Bedouin Camp in Wadi Rum, take in the starry night sky and enjoy an authentic Jordanian dinner. The following morning, eat a leisurely breakfast in the campsite before heading to the lost city of Petra, a UNESCO recognized archaeological site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. With a knowledgeable, English-speaking guide, explore the hidden gems of this ancient city. There will also be time to explore Petra at your own pace, taking in the beauty and magnificence of the historic site. From Petra, travel back to the border to Eilat before returning to Jerusalem.

From Aqaba: Private Day Tour to Petra

4. From Aqaba: Private Day Tour to Petra

Your driver will pick you up from your hotel or the port in Aqaba . Then we will drive towards the rose red city of Petra, the biggest attraction of Jordan. Petra was first established around the 6th century B.C. by the Nabataean Arabs, a nomadic tribe who settled in the area and laid the foundations of a commercial empire that extended into Syria. Upon arrival you will begin the trip from the Visitors Center by foot through Djenni Tombs, and then continue through the canyon called Siq. Finally, you will open your eyes on the most beautiful monument: The Treasury, which is called in Arabic Khazneh. Among other monuments you will see the Street of Facades, the Royal Tombs, the Roman ruins and the Qasr El-Bint. After the classical trail your tour guide will give you free time to discover the other parts of Petra by your own. In case you would like to visit the Monastery you will follow 970 stairs to get there by your own. After completing your visit in Petra, the driver will be waiting for you in the visitors center to bring you to the local restaurant for lunch. You will continue your day by enjoying the Little Petra visit for 1 hour. In the late afternoon, we will drive you back to your hotel in Aqaba.

From Amman: Private Full-Day Tour to Petra with Pickup

5. From Amman: Private Full-Day Tour to Petra with Pickup

Treat yourself to a day of exploration as your driver escorts you from your hotel in Amman to the remarkable pink city of Petra, Jordan's greatest attraction. Its origins date back to the 6th century BC. Petra was founded by the Nabataean Arabs, who developed a thriving trading empire that extended into Syria. Begin your journey through the Djenni Tombs on foot from the visitors center, followed by a hike through the narrow gorge of the Siq leading to the stunning Treasury, or Khazneh in Arabic. Marvel at the magnificent monuments, including the Street of Facades, the Royal Tombs, the Roman ruins and Qasr El-Bint. After the tour, explore the Petra Museum at your leisure before meeting your driver at the visitor center, who will take you to a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. Relax on the drive back to your hotel in Amman with unforgettable memories of your Petra adventure.

From Sharm El Sheikh: Day Trip to Petra and Aqaba by Ferry

6. From Sharm El Sheikh: Day Trip to Petra and Aqaba by Ferry

Explore Petra on a guided tour of the archaeological city, take in the views from the hill of Al-Habis in Wadi Musa, and have free time to shop and explore in seaside town of Aqaba. Savor a local lunch at a restaurant which includes a soft drink. Be picked up from the comfort of your accommodation in Sharm El SHeikh. Relax on the air-conditioned drive in a spacious bus on the drive to the port in Taba. Hop aboard a ferry and relax on the cruise to Aqaba. Travel by bus for about 2 hours to Petra. Follow your guide on a 2-3-hour walking tour of the archeological site. Enter Petra on foot, through the Siq is a narrow, winding gorge over 1 kilometer in length. Visit the Great Treasury (Al-Khazneh Farun), the Roman Theatre, and the Royal Tombs (the Rainbow Tomb is a must for photographers). Admire hundreds of monuments, tricliniums (formal Roman dining rooms), and obelisks, all carved from the multi-shaded, rose-red sandstone. A walk through the colonnade of Roman Byzantine Petra brings you to the city center. Continue to the hill of Al-Habis in Wadi Musa, crowned with a crusader-era fort). Take in breathtaking panoramic views of deep gullies and uniquely colored rock formations. Rest with a buffet lunch where you can try local specialties paired with a soft drink. Drive back to Aqaba where you will have an hour of free time for shopping before boarding the ferry back to Taba and transferring back to your hotel in Dahab late at night.

Petra: Vertical Balloon

7. Petra: Vertical Balloon

Perta Balloon Ride With Breathtaking Skyline Views Creating Feel on top of the world and experience wonder at adrenaline-rushing heights of up to a spectacular 300 meters, or a 100-storey building. Marvel at the stunning shape red rose city and take in incredible views Petra sites and its glistening skyline with an experience that offers more than just an observation point. The Petra Balloon At Petra can be found at the world’s most iconic entertainment destination. Make memories with friends and bring the whole family for a bucket list experience as kids under the age of three get to enjoy The Petra Balloon.

Jordan Premium eSIM Data Plan for Travelers

8. Jordan Premium eSIM Data Plan for Travelers

Embark on a journey through the captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Jordan while staying effortlessly connected with our Premium eSIM Data Plan for Travelers. Activate our premium eSIM data plan remotely before your journey, ensuring seamless connectivity upon your arrival in Jordan. With high-speed internet access available across the country, you'll stay connected as you explore Jordan's ancient wonders, natural beauty, and vibrant cities. Discover the timeless allure of Petra, where ancient rock-cut architecture and stunning desert landscapes converge. Stay connected as you marvel at the Treasury, explore the Royal Tombs, and hike through the breathtaking Siq. With our data plan, you can easily navigate Petra's intricate trails, access audio guides, and share your experiences with friends and family. Explore the vibrant capital city of Amman, where modernity meets tradition in a bustling urban setting. Stay connected as you wander through the historic streets of downtown, visit the ancient ruins of the Citadel, and sample delicious Jordanian cuisine at local eateries. With reliable internet access at your fingertips, you can discover hidden gems, find the best viewpoints, and capture stunning photos of the city skyline. Venture into the heart of the desert to experience the otherworldly landscapes of Wadi Rum, where towering sandstone cliffs and vast red sand dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. With our Premium eSIM Data Plan for Travelers, you can stay connected even in remote desert locations, ensuring you never miss a moment of your desert adventure. Indulge your senses with Jordan's rich culinary traditions, from savory mezze dishes to sweet desserts and aromatic teas. With reliable internet access, you can explore local recipes, find authentic dining experiences, and share your gastronomic adventures with fellow travelers. Whether you're exploring ancient ruins, hiking through majestic landscapes, or savoring the flavors of Jordanian cuisine, our Premium eSIM Data Plan for Travelers ensures you stay connected, informed, and inspired throughout your journey.

Explore Jordan's Top Attraction sites - 5 Days Tour

9. Explore Jordan's Top Attraction sites - 5 Days Tour

Day 1 8:00 AM You will be picked up from your preferred location to start your trip heading to Madaba (1 hour driving) to visit Madaba Archaeological Park I & Virgin Mary Church, then the Byzantine churche St George's Greek, and then will head to Mount Nebo (3-hours). After that you will head back Amman's center city, visiting the Amman citadel(1:30 hours) Then Roman theatre(30 minutes) Reaching the end of the day, we will drop you off at your preferred hotel in Amman, or assist you with booking in a hotel so you can relax and stay overnight(not included). Day 2 8:00 AM After you have your breakfast, you will head to Dana Biosphere Reserve and enjoy the beauty of nature from the top of the Dana Mount(15 minutes) 10:30 AM Shobak Castle will be waiting for you, Sitting on a dramatic hill, you will get to enjoy its mesmerizing landscape view(45 minutes) 1 PM you will arrive to Little Petra to wander through its intricate carvings. Then your driver will take you to a Hotel in Petra City. You will get to rest and stay the night( included if option selected) Day 3 8 AM you will start your trip to Petra. One of the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD You will get to explore the Djinn blocks, Petra treasury, The famous “Siq” and other captivating locations (4-6 Hours) Then you will head to Wadi Rum. Arrival time 3-4PM. Various activities will be waiting for you. -2hour 4x4 jeep tour (not included) -Camel riding (not included) -Sunset yoga (without instructor) After that, you will get to spend the night in a Bedouin-Style camp with an open buffet including “Zarb” Day 4 After you have your breakfast, 8AM you will start your trip to the Dead Sea, 1PM/3PM Upon arriving to the Dead Sea, you will have a lunch, full day to float in the mineral-enriched water, 5 PM will head back to Amman to stay overnight at a hotel (included if option selected) Day 5 After you have your breakfast at 9:00AM will head to Jerash to explore the largest preserved Roman city in the world out of Italy (3 hours), then will head to Ajloun 12th century castle built by Saladin commander, then head back to Amman to drop you off at your preferred location in Amman City around 5-6 pm or drop off to the airport.

Transportation through all the cities in Jordan

10. Transportation through all the cities in Jordan

explore all the cities that you are curious about and let us help you to schedule your day relaying on our experience in all cities in Jordan and get your private transportation with an English-speaking driver that will stay with you through your trip and help you discover the cities

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The tour was amazing. Ihab, our guide, was a wonderful person. He supported us throughout the whole process and, even though we requested last minute destination changes and added an extra person to the tour, it was no problem and he was concerned about giving us the best experience possible. I highly recommend this tour, and if you hire it ask for Ihab, he will make your experience the best of the trip.

An amazing day, with beautiful experiences. Our guide at the tour when we walked inside Wadi Musa and Petra was very pleasant and spoke English fluently. We would like to give a special thank you and all our best recommendations to Mr. Ali, our driver to and from Petra, he made every trip we had all worth it. We will definitely go to Jordan again! All the best.

Jawdat Yaseen is a great driver: very polite, friendly and punctual. It was an enormous pleasure to ride with him. It's perfect! Jawdat is a “pearl rare”. Journée patfaite!

a very comfortable trip. Ihab was great, he waited patiently for us, helped us with the internet and drove safely. highly recommended

Our guide Maze was awesome, super knowledgeable and charismatic