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Virpazar: Lake Skadar Wilderness Boat Trip

1. Virpazar: Lake Skadar Wilderness Boat Trip

Start your sightseeing cruise in Virpazar, the lovely fishing village built on the shore of Lake Skadar. Depart from its pier through a small river canal fringed with reeds and willow trees. Admire the views of the mountain ranges far away in Albania and Vranjina - the nearest island, rising defiantly from the fresh waters of one of the largest lakes in southern Europe. Go left under the nearby bridge and discover Lesendro - the Key of Lake Skadar. Built in the 18th century this beauty still hides the eternal sorrow of Njegoš. Approach this beautiful fortification as you glide through meadows of water chestnuts and observe remarkable birds dry their wings on top of its walls. Watch Cormorants, Gulls, Herons, Coots and Kingfishers, among many others, enjoy the sun touching their feathers. Have your breath taken away by the view hidden behind the three islets - thousands of white and yellow water lilies and their large, floating, dark green leaves. If you are lucky enough, get the chance to see some nests and baby birds. Witness sights on the return journey that will not disappoint either. Take your time and enjoy the perfect wilderness while taking a refreshing swim. Seize your chance and have a dip in the fresh, deep-blue waters of Lake Skadar, wrapped by scenic views. After immersing in fresh waters, return to Virpazar.

Virpazar: Skadar Lake Guided Nature Cruise with Drinks

2. Virpazar: Skadar Lake Guided Nature Cruise with Drinks

Begin your journey in Virpazar - a tiny townlet situated in the heart of Skadar Lake. Navigate along a small river channel surrounded by reeds and willow trees. Throughout your boat tour, explore islands which are protected by UNESCO, fishing village and hidden passages, among other attractions. After exiting the first river, find yourself on the open lake while the boat proceeds to peninsula and island Lesendro. Meanwhile, soak up the incredible views of peninsula and fishing village Vranjina. The fortress Lesendro was built in the 18th century. It is located on the peninsula that was an island until the construction of the Belgrade – Bar railway line. The fortes of Lesendro is an example of the long lasting struggle of the Montenegrin people for independence. It is key of Skadar Lake. This tour includes sailing threw Moraca river channels, passing by bird reservat and few small islands (Small and Big Cakovica and Kamenik), cruising surrounded by carpet of lotus flowers which is together with narrow reeds channel highlight of the tour. It is perfect spot for photo-shooting. There will be some free time to enjoy a refreshing swim on the open lake, following which you can enjoy a refreshing drink(water, juice, local wine) on board. Finally, return to the starting point where the tour concludes.

From Virpazar: Skadar Lake Scenic Cruise

3. From Virpazar: Skadar Lake Scenic Cruise

Tour starts from Virpazar, where we set sail through the river Virštica, where you get to enjoy in the birds flying around, lots of water lilies and reeds surrounding it, until we reach the open lake. Then you will be amazed by incredible landscapes and colors created by combination of water and Mediterranean vegetation, with the mountain backdrops. Soon enough, you will see the ruined walls of fortress Grmožur, rise from the waters of Skadar Lake. This abandoned fortification is a former jail and its known as Montenegrin Alcatraz. Now, its a permanent habitat for some bird species which some of them you will see. We are continuing the journey by reaching a small delta of river Morača, where it's a bird reserve. Soon, making a stop to climb the hill on Vranjina peninsula and visit Orthodox Monastery of Saint Nicola from the 13th century. After that, going back to the boat where we set sail back to Virpazar. In meantime, you can choose to take a nice swim in the river or at the open lake.

Skadar Lake: Self-Guided Bird Tour & Kayak Rental

4. Skadar Lake: Self-Guided Bird Tour & Kayak Rental

Drift around water lilies and reeds as you kayak through one of the biggest bird reserves in Europe. Spot Skadar Lake’s 270 bird species, including cormorants, gulls, and squacco. Take in the natural beauty at your own pace with one-hour, two-hour, and whole-day booking options. Begin your adventure in Virpazar with a basic safety and route briefing. Paddle through the open lake to a bridge that connects two villages, Virpazar and Vranjina, known as Little Venice. Take a break for fresh fish soup at the local restaurant if you’re feeling peckish before heading to Fort Lesendro.  Glide past the bird sanctuary and around the islands of Cakovica and Kamenik. Lounge in the sun at the local beaches and swim in the clear lake waters.

From Virpazar: Visit Karuč, the hidden pearl of Lake Skadar

5. From Virpazar: Visit Karuč, the hidden pearl of Lake Skadar

Start your journey in a tiny townlet on three bridges - Virpazar. Leave its harbour sailing through a small, narrow river with the sides sheathed in reeds and willow trees. Find yourself at the open lake and marvel at its size while observing the distant mountains in Albania. Then turn left and under a nearby bridge. Discover Lesendro there, an 18th-century fortress, as you glide through the fields of water chestnuts. Locals call them - kasaronje. Observe birds and enjoy their unique beauty and lovely sound. Admire them as they soar proudly through the sky, showing that you are in their realm. Sail near the three islands. Impassable and overgrown with low vegetation, they are home to wild goats. Have your breath taken away by the view hidden behind them. Take a look at thousands of water lilies and their huge floating leaves. As you continue gazing at the proud Montenegrin coast, you will find yourself in a small fishermen's village named Karuč. Like any other village on Lake Skadar, Karuč is tiny - yet, it is a giant in terms of history and nature. Karuč was the village from where fishermen used to go fishing, as the Karuč Eye was known for the abundance of bleak. There are still ruins of the houses the fishermen were using to store their nets and other equipment. If you have any investigative flair, you will also search for the ruins of the winter home built by Petar I Petrović Njegoš. Being a place with a mild climate where winters are not very cold and rarely windy, Karuč is a perfect choice from November to April. Feel the spirit of past times and enjoy the mesmerizing environment and untouched nature. Take your time and explore the village. Then return to Virpazar after you immerse in the crystal clear waters of Lake Skadar. In the meantime, well, pack your swimsuits, sunscreen and towels!

Lake Skadar: Private Cruise around the Montenegrin Alcatraz

6. Lake Skadar: Private Cruise around the Montenegrin Alcatraz

Start your journey in Virpazar - a tiny townlet situated in the heart of Lake Skadar, and set off on your scenic 1-hour sightseeing cruise. Navigate along a small river channel with a fence made of willows and reeds. Exit the river and find yourself on the open lake while the boat proceeds to Grmožur. Meanwhile, soak up the incredible views of Mount Vranjina and the impressive ranges in Albania, rising from the biggest lake in Southern Europe. Twenty-five minutes away from Virpazar, the ruined fortress Grmožur ascends from the waters of Lake Skadar. This abandoned fortification is known as Montenegrin Alcatraz and used to be a jail in the time of King Nikola. Among the locals, Grmožur was called the Island of Snakes. Nowadays, the island is a permanent habitat for certain bird species and a temporary retreat during the migration from Central and Northern Europe to Africa. That is why it has another, much more beautiful name - the Island of Birds. Admire the impressive fortification - Grmožur, from approximately 20 meters distance as you circle it.  During the journey, marvel at the breathtaking panoramas, and keep your eyes peeled for many species of native birds, including cormorants, herons, seagulls, and, if you are lucky, maybe some pelicans. Observe them as they dry their wings on the top of the walls of Grmožur.  On your way back, the boat will stop in the middle of the open water for you to take a refreshing swim. Ensure you bring your swimsuit and towel and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear blue waters. Finally, return to the starting point where the tour concludes.

From Virpazar: Lake Skadar Scenic Boat Trip in Nature

7. From Virpazar: Lake Skadar Scenic Boat Trip in Nature

From Virpazar, you begin your cruise on Skadar Lake, the largest lake on Balkan. Going through the river that is rich with reeds, you will reach an open lake. Soon, you will pass close to the fortress Lesendro - the Key of Skadar Lake, built in the 18th century. The lush vegetation of the lake is a real decoration of National Park, which you will get to enjoy when you reach delta of river Moraca. This is also a bird reserve with plenty of bird species flying around. Next, you will go through small narrow channels to reach more beautiful nature and go around few islands to get to the open lake, where you can enjoy some free time to swim from the boat. After the swim, take your time to refresh with drink onboard. Returning to the Virpazar at the end of the tour.

Montenegro: Lovcen National Park and Skadar Lake Day Tour

8. Montenegro: Lovcen National Park and Skadar Lake Day Tour

About the heart and soul of Montenegro; About two national parks, steep mountains and serene waters; two different climates, two distinct regions, a coastline and a mainland; a leisure boat tour and a conquer of the mountain peak; Our local cuisine, traditional food, customs, history and culture, but more than anything, this tour is about our people. And as you emerge in our culture, you will understand why we are best known for our hospitality. As soon as your first day is over, you will already feel at home. Join us for a day full of adventures. Explore Skadar lake - the biggest lake in the Balkan while tasting our local homemade breakfast served on a boat. But keep your eyes open because you don’t want to miss more than 260 species of birds migrating from Europe to Africa or many abandoned little islands that Mother Nature took back under her wing. The extraordinary beauty of Skadar Lake is an absolute masterpiece of Nature. Hidden among hills, mountains and wild forests, its serene waters will create a mosaic of memories you will want to keep forever. “Cetinje is a small but mighty town, original as a fairytale yet simple as a folk song. Even small in size, you can feel its hidden greatness.” - And we couldn’t have said it better. You will already see and hear enough to know that, like nature, the history of Montenegro is very colourful. Montenegro's tumultuous past has been affected by many, but its eternal desire for freedom has remained dominant throughout history. Each part of Montenegro will tell a curious traveller various exciting stories from each period - from the grandiose Roman Empire to modern times. Our independence will reveal the most incredible stories about our rulers, our heroes and heroines, our brave and proud Montenegrin women and bold and defiant warriors. Together Old Royal Capital Cetinje, Lovcen mountain and village Njegusi create a powerful sense of connection to the people who called this place home and the history that has shaped it. This tour will make you feel alive and connected to something greater than yourself. And if all of this was not enough, we still have something up our sleeves. As the sun goes slowly down, we will take the road known as 25 Serpentines, which will ultimately convince you that, at least for a day, you lived a fairytale.

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What people are saying about Virpazar

The trip on the lake was lovely and the guide funny and chatty. He slowed down in places where there was something to sea. It was late summer so we didn’t swim. We all enjoyed the wine. Pity there were very few birds on the lake perhaps because of the time of year or time of day?

The lake was gorgeous! Beautiful view and very quiet which allowed us to enjoy it extra. Also the service was very good! We were helped immediately and the employees were very friendly and helpful. That certainly contributed to our positive experience :)

Experience that lasts forever. The staff were amazing and the tour ended with a dip in skadar lake. It was a lot of fun and above all enriching.

Everything went well. Boats are easy to drive, but you should take a seat pad with you or you'll end up with a wet ass sitting in the back.

It was great, our captain was very interesting, smiling and reckless!