Villa Mosconi Bertani

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For many centuries Villa Mosconi Bertani has been an important reference point for Verona’s Wine and culture. Located in Valpolicella Wine Route and with its ancient sixteenth-century cellars and splendid vineyards, is a natural Wine Museum with a history of centuries of harvests and a central role in the creation of the modern Amarone Classico della Valpolicella. The Chamber of the Muses with the elegant frescos and the idyllic romantic park were used by the artists and intellectuals on eighteenth-century like literary salon. Today the Bertani family continues with uninterrupted passion this long tradition of excellence in production, wine innovation and cultural activity. A program between history, architecture and wine. At the end of the visit you can taste the wines of the production of the Bertani’s family. The programme includes a minimum of four wines with guided tasting and illustrated explanation of the terroir of origins, the varieties of grapes used, winemaking techniques and organoleptic characteristics.

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