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Victoria: St. Anne Marine Park and Cerf Island with Lunch

1. Victoria: St. Anne Marine Park and Cerf Island with Lunch

Depart Eden Island Marina by glass bottom boat to discover the underwater world of this unique and protected tropical coral reef. On this relaxing excursion, you will spend the day experiencing the wonders of the Marine Park with its dazzling turquoise waters, beautiful scenery and a never to forget snorkeling experience where you can observe a large number of fish species in their natural habitats as well as doing a spot of fish feeding by hand. Disembark on Cerf Island to enjoy a delicious creole BBQ. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon on Cerf Island. A flora and fauna reserve home to around giant land tortoises.

Mahé: Customizable Private Tour of Island with Driver

2. Mahé: Customizable Private Tour of Island with Driver

The day will start with the driver picking you up at your hotel, accommodation, port of debarkation, or from the airport. After a brief introduction, you will plan your trip with the driver and head to the sites you desire. Choose from a list of incredible spots that are all must-see locations on the island. You can have a tour around the island and stop anytime at a restaurant or café for lunch or just a quick bite — your tour guide will recommend some great options. Visit the beach and later watch the sunset over the horizon. Or, visit all of the museums in town, go for a tour around the rum distillery, or just ride along while enjoying a cold drink in an air-conditioned vehicle in perfect comfort  Your friendly, helpful drivers can help you to decide the perfect day in paradise and suggest places to visit depending on your interests but you remain in control.   Some of the city highlights include: • Victoria Market • Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple • Historic monuments • Victoria Clock Tower • The Immaculate Conception Cathedral • La Domus • Bel Air Cemetery

Praslin: Curieuse and St. Pierre Island Excursion

3. Praslin: Curieuse and St. Pierre Island Excursion

The Curieuse Marine National Park is a sanctuary to a big variety of flora and fauna. On the southern part of the island, you will discover a mangrove swamp that is traversed by a walkway for park visitors. The island is also known for its coco de merpalms, giant takamaka trees, and a large hawksbill turtle rookery. The area is also rich with several bird species, such as the rare Seychelles black parrot Coracopis nigra barklyi, a parrot found only there and on Praslin. St. Pierre Island is a raised reef island west of Providence Atoll and a part of the Farquhar Group, which belongs to the Outer Islands of the Seychelles. It has a distance of 736 kilmometers southwest of the capital, Victoria, on Mahé Island. St. Pierre is a tiny granite islet with a handful of coconut palm trees. It’s a picture-perfect miniature island in the middle of the ocean. St. Pierre is considered as one of Seychelles best snorkeling locations, providing the opportunity to see a wide variety of colorful fish and sea turtles. The full day tour includes a delicious BBQ Lunch as well as soft drinks. You will have opportunities to snorkel and visit these two beautiful islands, and at the conclusion of your experience you will be returned to Praslin.

From Mahé: Praslin & La Digue Island-Hopping Tour with Lunch

4. From Mahé: Praslin & La Digue Island-Hopping Tour with Lunch

Discover two of the Seychelles' most breathtaking islands on this island-hopping catamaran cruise from Mahé. Visit Vallée de Mai on Praslin and L'Union Estate on La Digue with tickets and guided tours included. Enjoy a Creole lunch onboard and stroll along some of the Seychelles' most picturesque beaches. After getting picked up from your hotel anywhere on Mahé, hop on the catamaran that will take you to Praslin, the Seychelles' second-largest island. Your first stop is Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only place in the world where the sea coconut grows naturally. Enjoy a walk along the paths of this primeval forest, listening to the rare black parrot. See for yourself why the forest is said to be the original Garden of Eden. Pay a visit to the famous Anse Lazio Beach and enjoy a stroll through its postcard-perfect sands before the crossing to La Digue. Spot dolphins and other native sea life along the way. Tuck into a delicious Creole barbeque lunch served onboard. Upon landing on La Digue, hop in a traditional ox-cart for a transfer to L'Union Estate. Enjoy a guided tour of the estate with tickets included and spot giant tortoises as well as the refurbished colonial plantation house, the filming location of "Goodby Emmanuelle." Continue your tour of La Digue in an open-sided truck, stopping at Anse Source d'Argent Beach to see for yourself why this is one of the most photographed beaches on the planet. At the end of the day, hop back on board the catamaran and get transferred back to you hotel in Mahé.

Eden Island: Semi-Submarine Tour in St. Anne Marine Park

5. Eden Island: Semi-Submarine Tour in St. Anne Marine Park

Experience wonder and beauty of the famous Sainte Anne National Marine Park on this semi-submarine tour from Eden Island. Cruise into the heart of the Indian Ocean's oldest marine reserve and witness first-hand the magic of the Seychelles. Meet your guide and board a semi-submarine that is covered with a non-slip material and is equipped with safety handrails. Start your journey above deck where you can take in some sun and enjoy the fresh air as your captain heads towards the reef. Snap some pictures of the Eden Island and the Mahe mountain tops as you sail along. Once at the reef, head below deck to enjoy the spacious air-conditioned underwater observatory. View the underwater wonders of Saint Anne National Park. Have the chance to spot a wide variety of marine life like corals, seaweed, green turtles, dolphins, and colorful schools of fish. Enjoy underwater landscapes of granite rocks and sandy plains before heading back to Eden Island.

Mahé Island: Island Highlights Guided Day Trip with Lunch

6. Mahé Island: Island Highlights Guided Day Trip with Lunch

Discover Mahé Island on a guided day trip complete with hotel pickup and drop-off. Set out to see the island's top sights, from the court buildings, post office, and clock tower, to panoramic lookout points, a local market, and much more. Visit Victoria, Mahe's colonial center, and stop at the town's focal point, a colorful market where stalls of fresh fish, tropical fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, and more are displayed in an abundance of fragrances. After leaving Victoria Market, drive across the Sans Soucis mountain pass, with a photo stop at the historical Mission Lodge. Marvel at panoramic views of the South of Mahe at a comfortable altitude. Time to refuel. Enjoy an authentic Creole lunch before taking a walk through the gardens and observing indigenous fruit trees and spices. Your tour continues around the southern tip of the island, the western coast, and South Mahe. Then on with a stop at the Takamaka Bay Rum Distillery and Craft Village (subject to availability). At the end of your tour, you will be dropped back to your hotel.

Seychelles: 5-Beach Adventure Tour

7. Seychelles: 5-Beach Adventure Tour

Following hotel pickup, you will immediately be transported to the first beach via a spacious and air-conditioned vehicle. Once there you will spend between 45 minutes to 1 hour playing on the beach. Snorkeling equipment will also be available, allowing you to be able to admire the colorful marine life within the reef surrounding the island. Swimming and sunbathing are also high on the day's agenda should you feel compelled. You can also opt to capture the stunning beauty through the lens of your camera. This will be repeated for 5 beaches around the island of Mahe, each of which possesses a unique character and feature. At the conclusion of your tour, you will be dropped off back to your point of origin.

Mahé: Private Customizable Full-Day Tour with Hotel Pickup

8. Mahé: Private Customizable Full-Day Tour with Hotel Pickup

Seychelles is one of the unique places to visit on earth. Deciding to plan a holiday in the destination has already unleashed the guest's adventurous side. When visiting the Island of Mahe in Seychelles, some exceptional places must be visited to say that you have enjoyed the paradise concept the island has to offer. So join us on an exclusive adventure around the island, visiting some of the most popular tourist attractions of which the best experience is guaranteed. All those places visited will be cherished both in pictures and also in the memories. Travelling in comfort and making sure that you enjoy the trip is our priority. Our team consist of young and energetic members that are passionate about tourism as we are aware of what benefits it brings to the economy of our country. By having that in mind we want to make sure that our guests have the absolute best time while travelling with us. 1. Seychelles National Botanical Gardens One of the must-see places in Seychelles for people with a love of nature. Creatures that are native to Seychelles such as Coco De Mer and endemic birds can be spotted during the tour. 2. Mission Lodge Lookout Located just below the summit of Sans Soucis, the Mission Lodge has one of the most extraordinary views over the west coast of Mahé. Sitting under a gazebo where Queen Elizabeth II once sat for tea, would truly be a memorable adventure for a guest. 3. Domaine de Val des Pres - Craft Village An experiment in re-creating the Traditional Creole Village as a means of promoting the Seychellois Cultural Heritage, depicting the various activities that may be found in a traditional estate. 4. Takamaka Rum Distillery Discover everything you need to know about Seychelle's multiple award-winning ‘Takamaka’ Rums. 5 Sauzier Waterfall Sauzier The waterfall is a must-visit attraction that is located in Port Glaud and runs on the Rivière L’Isletta on the west coast of Mahe Island, Seychelles. Some of the purest water flow on the rocks forming a pool of water below that is mostly enjoyed by swimming. The waterfall is easy to reach via a short 5-minute nature trail walk starting in the village of Port Glaud. 6 Spiaggia di Port Launay One of the most beautiful beaches on Mahe which is very active by foreigners and locals blending. The marine space is protected for the conservation of which guests can enjoy nice snorkelling or diving in the bay. 7 Beau Vallon Beach is One of the most popular beaches in Seychelles who are very lively with the vast amount of activities and hospitalities surrounding it. Mahe Island Guest can also choose from the following to amend their routes: - Victoria - Eden Island - Rochon Dam View Point - Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden - Tea Factory - Cascade Waterfall - Anse Intendance Beach - Anse Royal Beach - Port Launay Beach The suggested routes can be modified to fit the guest's desired visiting places.

Shared Praslin & La Digue Trip

9. Shared Praslin & La Digue Trip

Our chauffeur will pick up from your accommodation on Mahe at around 0600am – 0630am depending on your location. Please be advised our free shuttle operates only in the North West of Mahe Island. This includes: Belombre, Beau Vallon, Glacis areas. Hotels on Eden Island and L'Escale Resort only. If you are located in other areas you will be required to pay an additional private two way transportation fee. Depart the marine charter in Victoria and sail to Praslin at 0730am. Arrive at the Praslin Jetty at 0845am. A shared shuttle bus will welcome everyone and transfer you to the Valle de Mai. Have a short outside visit of the Vallee De Mai Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its museum. The Valee de Mai is home to the endemic Coco De Mer. A private guide will give a brief description of the nature park outside the property. Drive towards Anse Lazio Beach, known for its soft white sand and crystal-clear water. Spend a little time at leisure and enjoy the beauty! Drive back to Praslin jetty. Catch your same boat at 12.15pm and sail to La Digue. At 12.30pm disembark at La Passe La Digue where you will be offered 2 choices of getting around. A bicycle or pick up truck with rear seats. On La Digue you will enjoy our local creole cuisine (at Chez Marston) comprising of fresh grilled fish, salads, small BBQ and much more. Your time will be at leisure on one of the most beautiful beaches (Anse Source D’Argent – L’Union Estate) in the world or take a tour around La Digue. At 1600pm set off back to Mahe where you will be met by your chauffeur to transfer you back to your accommodation.

Private Customized Tour: Explore Mahe beyond the ordinary

10. Private Customized Tour: Explore Mahe beyond the ordinary

Seychelles is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise clear water, untouched sceneries and a multi-cultural and friendly nation. Having chosen the Seychelles for your next trip, there is no doubt you wish to explore the secrets that this beautiful country holds. Look no further and joins us on this tour to discover some of the interesting attractions around the main island Mahé. This tour is exclusively yours! Our dynamic guide is attentive and will be there to help you make the most of the island. Our tour starts with the guest being picked-up from their preferred location. The itinerary is below however it may be customized to fit your interest and your need: 1. Victoria One of the smallest capitals in the world, here you will discover the different historical sites such as the museum, several monuments and roads which bears the names of prominent figures in the history of Seychelles. Guest may also enjoy some souvenir shopping while in town. 2. Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market- (Close on Sundays and Public Holidays) Located within Victoria, this is the place to experience how the people of Seychelles as well as visitors purchases their spices, fruits, vegetables and fishes. 3. Seychelles National Botanical Garden- Admission fee 19$ per person A few minutes from Victoria, this is the ideal place for the nature lovers. Here guest may discover the flora such as the famous Coco de Mer and the fauna of the Seychelles such as the giant tortoises. Did you know there is a time capsule buried here as well? 4. Domaine de Val de Pres At this site, guest will have the chance to explore the colonial structures referred to as the plantation house, visit the Koko gallery and get the chance to experience the ‘Grandma’s know-how’ sessions. The sessions showcase the traditional ways of preparing the local dishes, the traditional way of de-husking a coconut and much more. Please note that if you are interested to participate in these sessions, guest needs to booked well advance. 5. Le Jardin du Roi-Spice Garden- Admission fee 12$ per person This garden holds some of the spices which are both endemic and also introduced to the Seychelles back in the 17th century by Pierre Poivre. Guest may also enjoy some ‘to-die -for’ ice-cream made from ingredients in the garden itself, such as nutmeg, lemon grass, cinnamon and much more. 6. Anse Intendance Beach Unwind and relax at what is described by the travelers as one of the most beautiful beaches on Mahe. Guest may also choose from the following to customize their tour: Tea Factory, Mission Lodge, Takamaka Beach, Rochon Dam Viewpoint, Takamaka Rum Distillery (Close on Sunday & Public Holidays), Glacis Beach, Carana, Sauzier Waterfall, Port Glaud viewpoint. The tour will end at the drop-off point.

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Victoria, Seychelles

Victoria, Seychelles

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Beautiful experience. Do lots of things but nothing in a hurry. The best moment was lunch on the beach with the children and visiting the turtles on the same beach. The guys are all very hospitable and nice. It's worth the price especially because they pick you up and bring you back to your hotel unlike others where you have to go to a pick up point. Most complete experience among the offers.

Everything Wonderful!!!!! better it would be too much! little excursion on curiosity, turtle nursery, small barbecue by the sea with deliciously cooked fish, breathtaking snorkelling stops in the company of thousands of fish and even a turtle! Thanks again to Reynold and his colleague!!

great experience and great for an approach to snorkelling. the barbecue on the beach was perfect and the guides were excellent!

The crew was very cheerful, kept us involved thw whole time. the food wad good. the sborkelling sites had abundant fishes.

Great activity, I recommend 100%! Everything was great from start to finish, thanks again!