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Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Genoa

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Genoa: Our most recommended tours and activities

Genoa: Hop-on Hop-off Tour Ticket

1. Genoa: Hop-on Hop-off Tour Ticket

Genoa, included among the Unesco world heritage sites, is the capital of Liguria and the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Climb aboard the panoramic buses and observe the numerous monuments and grandiose buildings dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries that stand along Strada Nuova. With the ticket valid for 24 or 48 hours you can admire both the historic center and the seafront of Corso Italia. This bus is also an ideal way to reach shopping places. Thanks to the possibility of getting on and off at any stop, you can visit attractions such as the cathedral of San Lorenzo, built in different styles ranging from Gothic to Renaissance and Palazzo Ducale. The best art collections can be visited in three different buildings of the Strada Nuova Museums. See Rubens' masterpieces alongside other works by Italian and local artists. Enjoy the 360° panorama from the second floor of the bus. Treat yourself to a stroll along the elegant Via Garibaldi, located in the cultural heart of Genoa, lined with imposing buildings and refined shops. Near the Porto Antico you will find numerous attractions suitable for the whole family, including the Aquarium where you can watch the dolphin show. Buses leave daily, every 20-30 minutes, until late afternoon, when you can give yourself some time to discover the city's lively nightlife. The heart of the city is represented by the ancient part of Genoa, up to the border marked by Piazza Sarzano and via San Lorenzo. With the ticket valid for 24 or 48 hours you can also board the buses the following day and stop at the lift that takes you to the Spianata Castelletto panoramic point. While admiring the most beautiful monuments of Genoa, you have the opportunity to listen to the informative commentary of the audio guide available in different languages. Historical Route- Red Line Stops 1) Acquario 2) Garibaldi 3) De Ferrari 4) Brignole Train Station 5) Via XX Settembre 6) Carignano 7) Corvetto 8) Portello - Spianata Castelletto 9) Principe Train Station 10) Cruise Terminal 11) Mei Coastline Route - Blue Line Stops 1) Acquario 2) Garibaldi 3) De Ferrari 4) Piazza della Vittoria 5) Boccadasse 6) Levante Water Front - upon request 7) Via XX Settembre 8) Galleria Mazzini 9) Portello- Spianata Castelletto 10) Principe Train Station 11) Cruise Terminal

Genoa for you: the Old City Walking Tour

2. Genoa for you: the Old City Walking Tour

Set out from the meeting point at the Old Port and immerse yourself in the city center while discovering the most picturesque spots in town. Feel the charm and beauty of one of the largest medieval city centers of Europe by strolling between the historic and traditional alleyways. Admire the beautiful facades, courtyards, several palaces like Palazzo san Giorgio, the old Genoese bank, Palazzo Ducale, the seat of the Doge, the Cathedral, and much more. Photograph the Piazza De Ferrari with elegant twentieth-century architecture and the main meeting and shopping area in town. Marvel at Via Garibaldi, the heart of the Unesco site with its "Palazzi", frescoes, and decorations.

Genoa: Private City Walking Tour with Guide

3. Genoa: Private City Walking Tour with Guide

Genoa is to be discovered. With this private tour you will learn about some of the most significant places in the most densely built historic center in Europe, among very tall houses, alleys and squares, noble palaces and precious churches, you will breathe in the charm and tradition of a city at the crossroads of peoples, rich in history, hidden treasures and suggestive corners. The route winds through caruggi and small squares, opening onto the Cathedral, Palazzo Ducale and Strada Nuova. Genoa is a city extremely tied to traditions, and its streets are dotted with ancient shops where time seems to have stopped.

Genoa: Private walking tour

4. Genoa: Private walking tour

Discover the most important sites Genoa on a private guided tour of the city: admire its medieval buildings, 16th-century palaces and charming squares while learning all there is to know about the history of this picturesque city. In the course of the experience, your guide will make sure you see the large seaport as well as all the amazing architecture of one of Italy's major economic centers and that you take in all the charm and heritage of the city’s UNESCO-listed medieval center. Your tour will start from the renovated harbor and will continue on through the tangled labyrinth of medieval alleys up to the stunning St. Lawrence Cathedral. You'll then head to Piazza de Ferrari; you’ll find the Opera House, the Palace of the Doges and the Academy of Fine Arts, passing by Piazza San Matteo before the experience ends in Via Garibaldi. You're sure to take some amazing pictures of the splendid historical buildings and palaces from the "Golden Era" of the ancient Republic of Genova.

Genoa: Half-Day Guided Walking Tour

5. Genoa: Half-Day Guided Walking Tour

Discover the highlights of Genoa on a guided walking tour. See the Palazzo San Giorgio, the Cathedral of Genoa, the House of Christopher Columbus, and more. Taste some soft Genoese focaccia and take in the views from the Spianata di Castelletto. Meet your guide and set off to explore the city. See the Palazzo San Giorgio and the ancient porticoes of Sottoripa San Lorenzo. Admire the Cathedral of Genoa, with its two-tone Romanesque facade. Continue to the Palazzo Ducale, the ancient residence of the Genoese Doges. Stroll through Piazza De Ferrari, with its fountain gushing in the center and the Carlo Felice theater overlooking the majestic square. Explore the famous "caruggi", the network of medieval alleys of Genoa. Taste the soft Genoese focaccia, which no one will be able to say no to. See the House of Christopher Columbus, which stands on the site of the real home of the Genoese navigator who discovered America. Stroll down Via Garibaldi, the most elegant street in Genoa, with its ancient buildings, such as Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso, and Palazzo Tursi, where the town hall of Genoa now resides. Head to the Spianata di Castelletto, from where you can see the incredible skyline of Genoa. Access the viewpoint via the panoramic lift with a 19th-century feel.

Genoa: City Sightseeing Private Walking Tour

6. Genoa: City Sightseeing Private Walking Tour

Walk with an expert tour guide and retrace the stylistic ages of Genoa in front of its most important monuments, listen to the stories and curiosities of the fascinating capital city of Liguria. Set off for the discovery of the largest historical center in Europe, walking through the so-called carruggi, the narrow alleys of the city, the elegant squares, the colorful palaces, and panoramic terraces between the green hills and the blue of the calm Ligurian Sea. Visit the cathedral of San Lorenzo and pass through Via Garibaldi, famous for the Renaissance palaces of the Rolli, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Discover the main medieval churches and the Commenda di Pré with its unique frescoes. Genoa as we know it, "the New York of the Mediterranean", the "Superb" will reveal in front of your eyes and at each step, you will find at every corner, in each detail, its identities, a mix between glorious past and new multiculturalism.

Private Walking Tour of Genoa

7. Private Walking Tour of Genoa

Dive deep into the heart of Genoa, one of Italy's most captivating and historically rich cities. With a dedicated private guide by your side, this walking tour will immerse you in a cityscape where the whispers of the past resonate through modern-day marvels. Commence your journey at the iconic Piazza De Ferrari, Genoa's main square, where the majestic fountain plays centerpiece against a backdrop of neo-classical and modern buildings. From here, you'll be drawn into a labyrinth of narrow alleys, locally known as ‘caruggi’. These winding pathways are the very veins of Genoa, revealing hidden gems at every turn, from quaint trattorias emitting tantalizing aromas to age-old shops showcasing traditional crafts. One of the many highlights of your tour will be the illustrious Via Garibaldi, which houses a series of grand palaces, each a testament to Genoa’s opulent past during the Renaissance era. Marvel at their intricate facades, and if curiosity beckons, delve into some of them which have now been transformed into museums. No visit to Genoa is complete without acknowledging its maritime heritage. As you approach the old port, you'll encounter the robust Genoa Aquarium, Europe's largest, and the Bigo, an architectural marvel offering panoramic views of the city. Your guide, brimming with tales of Genoese sailors, traders, and explorers, will ensure you grasp the gravity of Genoa's maritime influence. Throughout your tour, your guide will weave tales of notable figures who left their mark here, from Christopher Columbus, who set sail to discover new worlds, to the renowned violinist Niccolò Paganini, who struck chords that still reverberate today. Whether you're an architecture enthusiast, a history buff, or simply a curious traveler, this tour promises a comprehensive understanding of Genoa. Its mix of old-world charm, maritime legends, and Renaissance artistry will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your travel memories. Conclude your excursion with personalized recommendations from your guide, ensuring the rest of your stay in Genoa is just as memorable. Embrace the spirit of Genoa, a city that, once visited, lingers in the heart forever.

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It rained in the morning so I couldn't see it properly, but I saw many places well in the afternoon and was tired of the guide and the drive.

We arrived in Genoa by train and right when we left the Príncipe station there was the bus stop...both lines pass through very interesting areas.

Good route and information. Sadly out of everyone control, the weather was not the best to explore all the great things of the area.

Very good number of busses. No issues waiting. All on time and audio was good

The tour made us discover a different Genoa. Excellent guide