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Venice Tours, is a Venetian company, our focus is to help you to live the city of Venice, discovering and immersing in its history and also tasting the vitality of its tradition. With our pay off discovering Venice we want to make you enjoy a journey in a romantic microcosm, surprise you and leaving in your memory an unforgettable souvenir in a unique city in the world that tells you thousands of years of history through its “calli”, “palazzi” and “piazze”. Venice Tours has over 20-years of knowledge in making customers happy. Our staff and management offer you their passion and competence to make you have a unique experience. Venice Tours welcomes you in its offices in Saint Mark’s square and Piazzale Roma to give you the required assistance every day of the years from 09.00AM to 6.00PM. Venice Tours develops and uses the best technology to permit the management of its own activities and to promote your experience in our beautiful city.

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