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At Undiscovered Cotswolds we get off the beaten track so that you get to experience places that only the locals know about. We can also take you to a traditional Cotswolds farm so you can finish off your day getting to meet some of the friendly local animals. Or how about a glass of prosecco whilst raising a toast next to the bubbling brook at the ruins of an ancient manor house, just as the sun goes down? Graham and Ian have lived and worked in many countries abroad. We have met many different types of people and cultures. We have also worked as tour operators for one of the worlds most discerning travel agents Audley Travel. We know that a tour is not just a case of tick off as many places as you can, so that you can update Facebook. This may be part of it but the difference comes in understanding the pace of a tour and the comfort. We won’t be rushing around stressed. We will be taking it at the right pace for you, giving time to enjoy each village and area we see. We also limit the size of the group to 8 people so that it is a far more comfortable. We also visit undiscovered hamlets and villages that are so rarely seen by the outside world. We stop off at a local farm to see how the animals that once made this area so wealthy are still living the same way as they did 400 years ago. We pay the entry fee and this goes to help support the local farmer. We also support the Wychwood Project who work tirelessly to restore the landscape and maintain the flora and fauna in this region. If that’s not enough then how about because you can get to spent time with us – Graham and Ian. We run the business and are very passionate individuals with many an interesting story to tell. You can ask Graham about what happened to him when he started on his first day of work in Hong Kong. Or ask Ian how he survived on his cycle from London to Cape Town? We genuinely want you to have a wonderful time so we work as hard for you as we can to make it a day to remember. We always do our best to go the extra mile

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