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Things to do in Úbeda

Our most recommended things to do in Úbeda

Úbeda: City Highlights Walking Tour in Spanish

1. Úbeda: City Highlights Walking Tour in Spanish

Get an insider’s view of Úbeda's most historic neighborhoods on a small-group walking tour of the Plaza Primero de Mayo, the Old Town Hall, the Church of San Pablo, and more. Begin your urban walking adventure of this UNESCO World Heritage Site by meeting your Spanish-speaking guide at the supplier's office in the city center. Move across to the Plaza Primero de Mayo, a historic square that has hosted the city's main market for centuries. Find yourself marvelling at the Old Town Hall, and the monument to San Juan de la Cruz — the revered saint of the city — as your guide explains in detail their historical context. Then, stroll over to the part of town steeped in religious history to visit the Church of San Pablo and the Convent of San Miguel. Marvel at the architecture of one of the most exclusive landmarks of the city, and the last great inhabited Renaissance palace in the province, the Old Palace of Fancisco de los Cobos. Then, make your way to the Plaza Vázquez de Molina, where a host of buildings rich in history are located, all of which your expert guide will explain in detail. Gaze at the stunning Sacra Capilla del Salvador, a famous chapel built between 1536 and 1559 and the flagship of the Úbeda Renaissance architecture. Then take in the equally stunning Palace del Deán Ortega, the Old Pósito, or the old public granary, the Palace of the Marquis of Mancera, the Basilica of Santa María de los Reales Alcázares, and the Vázquez de Molina Palace. End your tour at the Plaza de Ayuntamiento by visiting the Palacio Vela de los Cobos, giving you a unique insight into how Spanish aristocracy lived back in its heyday.

Úbeda and Baeza Combo Tour in Spanish

2. Úbeda and Baeza Combo Tour in Spanish

Stroll the beautiful streets of Úbeda and Baeza on the same day, or on different days if you prefer, on a combined sightseeing tour with a Spanish-speaking guide. Discover fine examples of Renaissance architecture in the narrow alleys and wide squares, and learn the still-present multi-faith history of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian settlers. Enter Baeza Cathedral, nominated as one of the 12 Treasures of Spain in 2007. Learn its fascinating history alternating as a mosque and church in the Middle Ages. Go to the historic El Salvador Chapel in Úbeda and hear about the artistic legacy of the great architect Andres de Vandelvira. Enjoy impressive views of the sea of olive trees of Jaén from different viewpoints in both cities, and taste the local olive oil at a free oil tasting. To cap things off, you'll also visit the Vela de los Cobos Palace in Úbeda

Úbeda: Historic Walking Tour

3. Úbeda: Historic Walking Tour

Úbeda’s history comes to life with the help of a Spanish-speaking guide who takes the group through the historic city center. Enter the Capilla de El Salvador, visit the Palace of Francisco de los Cobos, and the Church of Santa Maria de los Reales Alcázares before strolling through the Plaza 1º de Mayo to see the Church of Saint Paul and Monument to San Juan de la Cruz.   After viewing the Marqués de Mancera Palace, enjoy views of the Guadalquivir River and explore the walls, tower, and fortress built under Muslim rule.

Úbeda: Holy Chapel of the Savior Entry Ticket

4. Úbeda: Holy Chapel of the Savior Entry Ticket

Admire the Sacra Capilla del Salvador (Holy Chapel of the Savior) in Úbeda with this ticket. Take in the style of this free-standing chapel. Take in this masterpiece by Diego de Siloé which was designed in 1536 as the funerary temple of the secretary of Emperor Carlos V, Francisco de los Cobos. Enter this monumental complex where the urban transformation of the city of began in the only open space inherited from the medieval city, the Plain of Santa Maria. See for yourself how the chapel embodies the full funerary symbolism of the rotunda as an evocation of the Holy Sepulcher. View how Siloé's design was executed elegantly by Andrés de Vandelvira, who crafted the entire Sacristy. The result is a key monument in Spanish Renaissance architecture.  Visit the esplanade which was created at the beginning of the 16th century and became one of the most singular and prodigious Renaissance complexes in Spain. The plaza is the central piece of the declaration of Úbeda and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be awed by this monumental space that is presided over by the Sacred Chapel of the Savior, which was built by the Imperial Secretary and his relatives and works as an urban setting and is known today as Plaza Vázquez de Molina.

Úbeda or Baeza: Tours & Entry Tickets 7-Day Tourist Pass

5. Úbeda or Baeza: Tours & Entry Tickets 7-Day Tourist Pass

The Tourist Pass is valid for 7 days and includes guided tours, entry tickets, and an olive oil tasting. Take advantage of discounts on numerous landmarks. Enjoy the flexibility to visit these World Heritage cities at your own pace.   The Úbeda & Baeza Tourist Pass includes: - Úbeda Guided Walking Tour (2 hours and 15 minutes) - Baeza Guided Walking Tour (2 hours and 15 minutes) - Capilla de El Salvador Entry Ticket - Sinagoga del Agua Entry Ticket - Catedral de Baeza Entry Ticket - Palacio del Deán Ortega Entry Ticket- Palacio Vázquez de Molina Entry Ticket - Antigua Universidad, Aula de Antonio Machado, Paraninfo, Palacio de Jabalquinto, Iglesia de Santa Cruz Entry Ticket - Baeza Extra Virgen Olive Oil tasting The pass offers as well discounts on:  - Santa María de los Reales Alcázares 1,00€ (audio guide included) - Museo Cultura del Olivo (2 entry tickets for the price of 1) - Oratorio San Juan de la Cruz 1,00€ - Úbeda Turistic Tren 1,00€ - Baeza Turistic Tren 1,00€ - Centro de Interpretación La Baeza Medieval - Museo Ciudad de Baeza - Castillo de Sabiote 1,00€ (guided tour included)

Jewish and renaissance Úbeda tours

6. Jewish and renaissance Úbeda tours

Discover the Jewish legacy. Do you want to travel to one of the cities in Spain that has more Jewish remains? Come and discover the Jewish legacy of Úbeda , a World Heritage City, we will go into its old Jewish quarters where 14th century houses with the Star of David are still preserved. Enjoy a unique guided tour with a heritage interpreter and expert in Jewish culture and you will discover the crucial role that Jews played in the development of the city. You will discover the most emblematic palatial and religious monuments, arches and towers of the city. You will be surprised by the Renaissance urbanism of the Plaza Vázquez de Molina, presided over by an exceptional monument, the Sacra Capilla del Salvador, the most important exempt funeral chapel of the s.XVI erected by Francisco de los Cobos y Molina, Imperial Secretary to Charles I, it was built with the participation of the most important artists of the time, Diego de Siloé, Esteban Jamete, Alonso de Berruguete, Francisco Villalpando, Alonso Ruíz... as well as Andrés de Vandelvira, whose magnificent architecturalwork was key to its construction and to designing the Renaissance urban planning of Úbeda, which we will have the opportunity to visit.  What do we visit?Three Exclusive Museum Houses :  Andalusí House  : 16th century palatial home of the Narváez Chirinos Jewish converts, where you can enjoy Renaissance architecture in its courtyard of columns. It also exhibits a large collection of Renaissance doors, ceramics, Mudejar coffered ceilings, boots and ethnographic objects. "Sinagona de Salomón" House : it is mentioned in an unpublished document from the XIV century, in the place where it was the mentioned Synagogue has been reconstructed, the visitor will know how a synagogue is and the functions that it performed in Sephardic culture. It also exhibits a complete private collection of Sephardic pieces of synagogue worship that has no comparison with other Sephardic museums in Spain due to its singularity and the antiquity of its collection. Granada Venegas house  : Former home of the descendants of Prince Judah al-Nayar, cousin of Boabdil "the Boy", it contains 11th-century Mozarabic frescoes. In addition, among its many rooms furnished with objects of the period, it has a courtyard of ancient trades (smithy, carpentry and pottery).    Sacred chapel of the Salvador: Private funeral chapel erected by Francisco de los Cobos y Molina, he was a masterpiece of the Renaissance (you have the option of visiting the interior of the most unique monument in Úbeda)  Come and discover Úbeda, a fascinating city.

From Granada: Úbeda and Baeza Day Trip

7. From Granada: Úbeda and Baeza Day Trip

Explore these two impressive collections of historical buildings on this tour. Throughout this tour, your guide will highlight many details of civil, military and religious symbolism as the region is rich with magnificent examples. Beginning with a trip to Baeza a magnificent monumental town of quiet streets and golden stone, with a wonderful collection of exquisite artistic and historical context. Úbeda offers up a profusion of Renaissance architecture comparable to the Italian counterpart. Wonder about the town comparing the beautiful classic buildings in perfect harmony with occasional modern architecture styles.  Taking tradition and celebration seriously, these towns maintain festive occasions that draw in tourists from all corners. Easter week is an intimate visit to Baeza or intensely colorful in Úbeda. Autumn is the San Miguel Fair in Úbeda, and the Yedra pilgrimage in Baeza. 

From Jaen: Day Trip to Ubeda and Baeza

8. From Jaen: Day Trip to Ubeda and Baeza

Explore two impressive collections of historical buildings on this tour of Ubeda and Baeza from Jaen. Learn about the civil, military, and religious symbolism in the architecture from your guide. Begin with a trip to Baeza, a town of quiet streets and golden stone. Explore the town and see its impressive collection of buildings built in the Italian Renaissance style.   Next, visit Úbeda and continue your journey in the fascinating world of Renaissance architecture. Admire the old buildings as they mix with examples of more modern architectural styles. Take part in some local traditions at certain times of the year. Easter week is a quiet and solemn visit in Baeza and intensely colorful in Ubeda. In Autumn, the San Miguel Fair comes to Ubeda while the Yedra pilgrimage takes place in Baeza. 

Interactive Tour - “Ghosts and Legends Of Valencia"

9. Interactive Tour - “Ghosts and Legends Of Valencia"

You will discover Valencia in the most adventurous and fun way! Together with our intelligence tour guide, you will learn the fascinating stories of the city. How does the self-guided tour game work? The virtual AI person will guide you along the route with secret courtyards and breathtaking views and tell stories about them while challenging you with all sorts of tasks and different types of interaction. The game contains audio guides, video clips, riddles, quizzes, and more! You will be playing in augmented reality while walking in beautiful places of Valencia. All the stories of the game are collected from the local experts. 

Other Sightseeing Options in Úbeda

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Complicated visit due to an unexpected snowfall that prevented us from visiting the city but that our guide, Rocio, supplied with great professionalism, masterfully explaining the interior of some buildings.

The visit has been very pleasant and very interesting. Visiting these monuments with the explanations is essential to understand the history of the city

Marta was an excellent guide. Knowledgeable, interesting, flexible, enthusiastic and with very good English. We had a great tour. Thank you

It is comfortable. The driver is very nice and friendly and the guide from Úbeda is very competent, he knows a lot. It's very nice

La visita muy interesante, vale la pena hacerla, la ciudad tiene mucha historia.