Why You Should Visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum

In the words of those who have visited the poignant tribute to the victims

You learn the victims’  personal stories

A curated selection of these moving stories is told throughout the museum

“Impeccably done with the families of those who were lost in this tragedy in mind.” — Mary, USA

The story doesn’t  start or stop on that day

To understand what happened on September 11, 2001, it’s important to look into what happened long before and after

“Very enlightening as a look at real history that I actually lived through.” — William, Costa Rica

See part of the Twin Towers

The "Last Column" was the final piece of steel to be removed from Ground Zero

“I felt privileged to be able to see the remnants first-hand.” — Melanie, UK

There’s space for personal reflection

The space is sensitively designed to allow visitors to move through at their own pace.

"It was incredibly intense and healing at the same time, with the pools and Survivor Tree." — Eileen, USA

The events are framed for  both kids and adults

The experience for those too young to remember 9/11 is educational and sensitively approached. 

“It was amazing how it was some of the younger visitors who were asking questions.” — Denis, USA

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