Paris: A Day in Le Marais

Hey there! I’m Imani, a recent graduate and engineer that has a passion for travel and experiencing what it means to be alive. Recently, I started a business, ImaniK Travels, to help young, Black people aged 18-26 travel the world. Find out more

Le Marais and the 2nd, 3rd, and 10th Arrondissement have a lot to offer foodies, art lovers, and shoppers alike. 

Foodies! Shoppers! Walkers! Anyone that enjoys scenery and taking on the day like a local, this day in Le Marais is for you. You’re certainly in for a day of walking but along the way you’re going to enjoy a lot of boutiques, shops, eateries, and architecture.

So, let’s get the day started.


If you’re using the metro, get off at the République stop via Metro Line 9. Download the Citymapper app to make it easy to navigate your way around the city and the metro system.

Breakfast at a photo-worthy boulangerie

Try some French patisserie

Start with breakfast with a view. Only a 5-minute walk from the metro you’ll find Du Pain et des Idées. After snapping a picture outside of this famous bakery, which dates back to 1875, get one of their escargot pastries (don’t worry, there are no snails involved) to go. It’s worth noting that this spot is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and often has a line. Le Pain des Copains nearby is open on Saturday and is highly rated, albeit without the history.

Canal Saint-Martin

The Canal Saint-Martin

Sit or stroll alongside the morning crowd of readers, walkers, and people taking in the beauty of the day. Along the canal, you’ll find plenty of buildings with street art and more cafes. If you’re there at the right time, you may even find hopeful fishermen on the edge. Take it all in. 

Need some structure to your itinerary? Maybe this 90-minute street art tour is more your speed. You’ll find this great tour less than 10 minutes away from the canal. 

Marché des Enfants Rouges

Eat at Le Marché des Enfants Rouges

If you’re like me, a pastry isn’t enough, especially for a long day of walking. So now we take on the oldest food market in Paris. It is open daily, except for Monday. Explore at your own pace or take it in as part of a food-based walking tour. Either choice is going to lead to a happy belly and some fresh, delicious food.

Need a suggestion? Try the Butcher of Paris stall and get the bread and freshly churned butter. I’m pretty sure it’s the best butter my taste buds have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

A macaron melee

Yes, you just ate, but there’s always room for sweets, right? Head down Rue de Bretagne to Ladurée and get Paris’ most famous macaron or 6 (hack: a bag is cheaper than a box). Then walk a minute to their competitor, Pierre Hermé, for another. Which one do you think is better? It’s an eternal question.


Walk Rue Vieille du Temple

Shop along Rue Vieille du Temple

Love art? This street is for you. You’ll pass local art galleries, shops, and even the Musée National Picasso-Paris along the way. And if you like shopping, stop at & Other Stories, Paul Marius, and so many more along the way. You can even dig into your macarons while enjoying the greenery of Les Jardins des Archives Nationales. Continue walking west along Rue Rambuteau to your next stop.

The Pompidou Center

See contemporary masterpieces at the Pompidou

Marvel at the outside of this Museum and Library. And when you go in you’re in for a treat too. Get a ticket to explore inside this unusual building and discover a treasure trove of modern art and beauty. Just seeing it from the outside is not enough — take it from me.

Shop at Rue de Rivoli

Shop along Rue de Rivoli

I think this goes without explanation. You’ll find many stores to choose from, including the storied and recently completely renovated Samaritaine department store. A high or low budget will fit right on Rue de Rivoli, and right down the street you can find the Louvre, if you prefer more art rather than shopping. There’s a lot in this area, from fashion and perfume to candles and IKEA.


Paris by night

See the city by night

It’s been a long day, so ending it (kinda) with some grub is key. Asian food is my go-to in the area. Head anywhere between Rue de Richelieu and Avenue de l’Opéra to find a vibrant district for Asian cuisine. Icing on the cake.

Want something sweet? Try Amorino for some fantastic ice cream.

Bars and nightlife

Le Marais is buzzing at night, with a very different vibe than daytime. Looking for a speakeasy? Try Lavomatic. It’s a bar hidden in a laundromat. How about a good bar scene? Hit FAT Bar for a great urban bar scene. They even have live music sometimes.

Hey there! I’m Imani, a recent graduate and engineer that has a passion for travel and experiencing what it means to be alive. Recently, I started a business, ImaniK Travels, to help young, Black people aged 18-26 travel the world. I love documenting my travel experiences on Instagram by creating videos that help my followers come along the journey with me.

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